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Edward Oxford

Edward Oxford, by permission of Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum

Edward Oxford was tried for a sensational crime, that of trying to kill the young Queen Victoria.  In the spring of 1840, he fired two pistols at the pregnant Queen as she was being driven with Prince Albert outside Buckingham Palace.

There was no evidence that Oxford's pistols were loaded, and he was acquitted as suffering from mental illness.  He was sent first to Bethlem Hospital in London and later to Broadmoor.  A short biography of Oxford can be downloaded from the link below.



Edward Oxford (19KB)


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Posted on the : 4 Feb 2013

I found this very usfall apart from you need to use more information such as when he tryed to kill the queen she was four months pregant. :)
Posted on the : 4 Apr 2013

why are all the related links on this site if they are not open but regarded as FOI? Jane Lord

Posted on the : 8 Apr 2013

Some patients' files are open - please do read the access protocol on the main Broadmoor page to find out more.


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