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You can use this search to see which Church of England parishes have deposited registers with us, and also what microform or transcript copies we have of those

The guide covers all the parishes in the Church's Archdeaconry of Berkshire, which is roughly the same area as the historic county.  The guide also includes parishes in the Archdeaconry of Buckinghamshire which are within the present Berkshire county borders.

If you need to look up something in one of the registers, please contact us.

Key: C = Christenings / M = Marriages / B = Burials / T & I = Transcripts and Indexes / MIs = Monumental inscriptions / IGI = International Genealogical Index

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Major Gaps

Microform Copies

T & I

Garford St Luke




C 1733-1938, M 1839-1840

IGI: C 1733-1885, M 1839-1840 MIs: Strongroom

Garston, East: All Saints





C 1564-1664, M 1564-1668, 1734-1750, B 1564-1669

C 1554-1942 M 1554-1984 B 1554-1876

T & I: CMB 1554-1562, 1669-1812 T: C 1813-1840, MB 1813-1837 BTs CMB 1607-1666, 1737-1750 IGI: C 1554-1812, M 1554-1563, 1664-1812

Goosey All Saints


Not deposited; pre 1850 see Stanford in the Vale

T & I: C 1850-1945, M 1854-1944, B 1862-1945 MIs: Strongroom

Grazeley Holy Trinity





C 1850-1963, M 1850-1988, B 1851-1964

T & I: C 1850-1963, M 1850-1988, B 1851-1964

Great Marlow (Bucks)

C 1813-1839, M 1715-1733

T: 1611-1812

Greenham St Mary





See also Thatcham

C 1706-1932, M 1706-1933, 1939-1952, 1968-1969, B 1799-1914

T: C 1706-1840, M 1706-1837, B 1799-1840 BTs CM 1612-1637, 1706-1770, B 1612-1637, 1706-1799 IGI: CM 1706-1812 MIs: Searchroom and strongroom

Grove St John Baptist





C 1832-1978, M 1837-1995, B 1832-1993

T & I: C 1832-1978, M 1837-1985, B 1832-1924


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