North Berkshire Schools Guide

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Using this Guide 

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the Vale of White Horse area which was transferred to Oxfordshire in 1974. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available. The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue. Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results. If you would like to visit the office to carry out your research, please make an appointment. Please see our free Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

At OHC indicates that the documents are at the Oxfordshire History Centre and are not held at BRO.

Note on Closure Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff.


Abingdon CE (previously Abingdon Boy’s and Girls’ National)
Log Book, 1880-1932. C/EL1, 2, 3

Abingdon Cookery and Manual Instruction Centre
Plans, 1908. C/CL/L2/19
Log Book, 1909-1949. T/SL/103i At OHC
Other records, 1908-1909. C/CL/G1/25/17

Abingdon Infants
Admission Register, 1940-1945. C/ER20
Plans, 1865. D/EX268/1

Abingdon Junior School
Plans, 1965-1967. C/CL/L2/1089

Abingdon School (previously Roysse’s School)
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1676, 1854-1935. T/A4/1 At OHC; SCH41/4/1-2; 6/1-4

Abingdon Workhouse
Other records, 1836; 1851-1852. G/A5/30; G/A5/37

Boxhill Secondary Modern
Other records, 1957. C/CL/L2/619/1-5

Caldecott Primary
Other records, 1959-1960. C/CL/L2/764/1-12

Carswell Community Primary (previously Carswell County, Abingdon Council)
Admission Register, 1939-1942. C/ER23
Minutes, 1935-1950. C/EM/49
Other records, 1947-1951. C/CL/L2/351/1-3; 429B/1-22
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1

Conduit Road CE Infants’ (previously National)
Plans, 1927. C/CL/L2/141/1-2
Log Book, 1876-1927. C/EL/4/1, 2
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1

Fitzharrys County Secondary Modern
Minutes, 1959-1967. C/EM85
Other records, 1956-1959. C/CL/L2/627/1-14; 695/1-7

John Mason High
Plans, 1964-1965. C/CL/L2/977
Minutes, 1959-1970. C/EM86

Junior Training Centre
Plans, 1963-1964. C/CL/L2/960

Larkmead County Secondary (previously Abingdon Council, County Modern)
Minutes, 1956-1969. C/EM88
Other records, 1952-1957. C/CL/L2/478/1-8; 540/1-5; 602/1-6; 639/1-6

London County Council Unit
Admission Register, 1940-1945. C/ER19/1, 2
Log Book, 1940-1945. C/EL/75

The Manor Preparatory School
Admission Register, 1967-1979. S306/1/A/1-8 At OHC

Milton Heights County Primary
Plans, 1965-1966. C/CL/L2/1013
Minutes, 1924-1967. C/EM87
Photograph, [c1910]. C/EC1

North Berks College of Further Education
Plans, 1961-1965. C/CL/L2/872; 1008

St. Edmund’s RC Primary
Admission Register, 1940-1963. C/ER/59

St Helen’s School (previously St Helen’s National)
Plans, 1869. D/EX268/2
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1

Summerfield Hostel
Minutes, 1950-1968. C/EM89

Technical High School
Other records, 1958. C/CL/L2/672/1-5

Abingdon St Helen Without Dry Sandford County Primary, (previously CE)
Log Book, 1871-1940. C/EL43, D/P187/28/2
Minutes, 1946-1963. C/EM107
Other records, 1939-1954. C/CL/L2/288A; 505/1-7; D/P187/28/15

Sunday School
Admission Register, 1966-1977. D/P187/28/26


Appleford CE (previously National, Parochial Aided)
Admission Register, 1934-1961. C/ER4
Log Book, 1876-1961. C/EL38/1-3
Minutes, 1902-1961. C/EM42
Photograph, n.d. [c1910]. C/EC1
Punishment Book, 1923-1929. C/EZ9
Other records, 1895-1962. D/P128B/25/1-5


Appleton CE (previously National)
Plans, 1893. D/EX 2010/2-3
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX/1964/1
Other records, 1901-1911. D/P5/25/10, 11


Ardington CE (previously Parochial)
Other records, 1840. D/P7/28/2

Ardington and Lockinge Primary
Plans, 1962-1963. C/CL/L2/882


Ashbury CE (previously Parochial, National)
Plans, 1862-1864. D/EX268/4
Log Book, 1904-1917. C/EL5
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1933-1935. D/P9/28/24

Aston Tirrold

Aston Tirrold CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1875-1972. C/ER61; D/P10/28/18
Log Book, 1870-1935. C/EL/105/1; D/P10/28/17
Punishment Book, 1901-1958. C/EZ42/1
Other records, 1859-1971. C/EZ42/2-5; D/P10/28


Baulking Council (previously Board)
Admission Register, 1912-1923. C/ER21/1-2
Log Book, 1878-1931. C/EL6/1-2


Blewbury Endowed CE (previously Endowed National)
Admission Register, 1876-1921. C/ER45/1-2
Photograph, n.d. [c1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1718-1961. D/EX215 Q1; D/EX235/2-4; D/P20/25/28, 29


Bourton CE School
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1; C/EC1

Bourton Manual Training Centre
Log Book, 1912-1942. C/EL50


Brightwell-cum-Sotwell CE Primary (previously National)
Plans, 1841-1896. D/EX268/9; D/P25/28/12
Minutes, 1877-1981, 1895-1952. D/P25/28/14-16; T/SM/19i-ii At OHC
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910], 1968. C/EC1; D/EX1028/180/S6; D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1841-1985. C/CL/L2/748/1-7; D/P25/28/6, 9-13, 18-21


Buckland CE (previously National, Parochial)
Plans, 1856. D/EX268/10
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1841-1907; 1967. D/P27/28/13; D/EX2263

Buckland School of Industry
Other records, 1789-1901. D/P27/25/5-7, 13


Buscot CE Primary (previously National)
Admission Register, 1880-1965. C/ER16/1-8
Log Book, 1871-1965. C/EL73/1, 2
Other records, 1873-1964. C/EZ/17/1-4; D/P30/28/1

East Challow

East Challow CE Primary
Plans, 1962-1967. C/CL/L2/889; 1082

St Nicholas CE (previously East Challow CE, National
Admission Register, 1913-1992. SCH21/11/1-3
Plans, 1855-1966. D/EX268/11; D/P81B/28/20, 24-26
Log Book, 1909-1984. SCH21/8/1-3
Minutes, 1956-1986. SCH21/1/1
Photograph, 1912, 1964. D/EX1964/1; D/P81B/28/21
Punishment Book, 1907-1972. SCH21/12/1
Other records, 1853-1964. D/P81B/28 & SCH21

West Challow

West Challow School
Other records, 1883-1885. D/P81C/28/1, 7, 8

Charney Bassett

Bouverie-Pusey (previously National)
Admission Register, 1921-1950. S323/1/A3/1 At OHC
Plans, 1962-1963. C/CL/L2/883
Log Book, 1877-1923; 1923-1981. C/EL41/1, 2; S323/1/A1/1, 2 At OHC
Punishment Book, 1902-1943. S323/1/A2/1 At OHC
Other records, 1948-1960. S323/1/A4/1, 2 At OHC; C/CL/E4/22
Photograph, n.d. [c1910]. D/EX1303/7/47/13


Charlton CE Infants (previously Charlton National)
Admission Register, 1878-1903. D/EX2547/3/2/8
Minutes, 1903-1921. D/EX2547/3/2/1
Log Book, 1875-1896. D/EX2547/3/2/3-4
Plans, 1883-1921. D/EX2547/3/2/2,5-9,10

Charlton County Primary
Plans, 1964. C/CL/L2/961

Charlton Evening
Minutes, 1911-1912. D/EX2547/3/3/1


Ridgeway CE School (previously Council, also known as County)
Admission Register, 1913-1978. S325/A2/1, 2 At OHC
Log Book, 1913-1979. S325/A1/1 At OHC
Admission Register, 1913-1972. D/EX1501/2-3 (copies only; originals At OHC)
Plans, 1912. C/CL/L2/63
Photograph, n.d. [c.1920]. D/EX1501/1
Other records, 1909-1913. C/CL/E4/23; C/CL/G1/25/33

Fettyplace Endowed
Log Book, 1870-1913. C/EL13/1, 2
Photograph, 1911. D/EX1964/1

Childrey Girls’ School
Photograph, 1981. D/EX1303/7/15/3

Plans, 1855. D/EX268/12
Log Book, 1885-1913. C/EL14


Chilton County Primary (previously National)
Log Book, 1883-1930. D/P36/25/1
Minutes, 1948-1967. C/EM120
Other records, 1903-1950. D/P36/25/2-4; 28/6-8; C/CL/L2/408/1-3


Cholsey County Primary
Plans, 1963-1966. C/CL/L2/935; 1014

Cholsey County (previously Council, National, Board)
Admission Register, 1983-1996. SCH 32/11/1
Plans, 1910-1956; 1946. C/CL/L2/38, 47, 554; RD/W/SB2/1029
Log Book, 1863-1996. C/EL101/1, 2; 102/1, 2; SCH32/8/1-7
Minutes, 1906-1967. C/EM2/1-3
Punishment Book, 1900-1954. SCH32/12/1
Other records, 1907-1993. C/CL/G1/25/13; SCH32/10/1

St Anthony’s School at Bucklands
Plans, 1947. RD/W/SB2/1133


Coleshill CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1898-1972. D/P40/28/7, 8
Log Book, 1871-1972. D/P40/28/3-6
Other records, 1880-1897. D/P40/28/9

Great Coxwell

Great Coxwell CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1875-1965. C/ER42
Log Book, 1875-1965. C/EL81/1-3
Other records, 1679-1903. D/P44/25/2; 28/2/1-3, 5

Little Coxwell

Little Coxwell CE
Admission Register, 1888-1965. C/ER41
Log Book, 1888-1965. C/EL37, 80
Minutes, 1903-1965. D/P53B/28/2
Other records, 1960. D/P53B/28/3


Cumnor CE (previously National)
Plans, 1858. D/EX268/15
Log Book, 1863-1956. S331/1/A1/1, 2 At OHC
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1857-1992. C/CL/L2/429A/1-8; D/P45/25/3; 28/5-7

Matthew Arnold Secondary (previously Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1960-1961. C/CL/L2/559/1-16; 683/1-8; 829
Minutes, 1958-1966. C/EM95
Other records, 1952-1971. C/CL/E4/27/1-3;

Blue Coat School, Oxford
Other records, 1863. D/P45/25/3

Sunday School
Other records, 1815-1861. D/P45/28/1


Denchworth CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1898-1970. C/ER57, 66
Plans, 1858. D/EX268/16
Log Book, 1863-1891. D/EZ187
Log Book, 1909-1970. C/EL103
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. D/EX1964/1
Punishment Book, 1909-1955. C/EZ43/1
Other records, 1956-1965. C/EZ43/2


Didcot Girls’ Grammar
Plans, 1960-1967. C/CL/L2/794; 1060
Minutes, 1958-1967. C/EM121
Other records, 1955-1956. C/CL/L2/577/1-14

Greenmere Junior
Plans, 1936. C/CL/L2/226; RD/W/SB2/542
Minutes, 1937-1958. C/EM96

Handicraft and Special Subjects Centre
Plans, 1911. C/CL/L2/57/1, 2

Manor County Primary (previously Didcot County, Didcot Council, Didcot Board including Evening School, and Didcot National)
Plans, 1894-1929; 1963. C/CL/L2/131/1-2; 152/1-2; D/P47/28/4; C/CL/L2/898
Log Book, 1881-1909. C/EL30/1, 2; C/EL31; C/EL32
Minutes, 1896-1965. C/EB4/1-2; C/EM5/1, 2; C/EM97
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964; 2102/9
Other records, 1901-1906. D/EX/1988/1

Northbourne CE Primary (previously North Hagbourne School)
Admission Register, 1884. D/P60/28/1
Plans, 1949. C/CL/L2/407/1-2
Other records, 1891. D/P60/28/1

Didcot Senior School (mixed)
Plans, 1930-1933. RD/W/SB2/115; C/CL/L2/158; 176/1-3; 199/1-3)
Photograph, 1934-1936. D/EX1828/1-5
Other records, n.d. [c.1930s]. D/EX1828/6

St Birinus’ Boy’s (previously Didcot Boy’s County Modern, Didcot Senior Boy’s)
Plans, 1935. RD/W/SB2/482; C/CL/L2/214, 214A
Minutes, 1944-1961. C/EM41; 98
Other records, 1955-1959. C/CL/L2/556/1-5; 709/1-31

St Frideswide’s Girls’ Secondary Modern (previously County Modern, Senior Girls’)
Plans, 1948; 1961-1962. RD/W/SB2/1216; C/CL/L2/860
Minutes, 1949-1957. C/EM99
Other records, 1956-1959. C/CL/L2/634/1-2; 696/1-7

Stephen Freeman Infant School
Log Book, 1972-1981. S333/1/A1/1 At OHC

Didcot Wartime Nursery
Other records, 1943. C/CL/L2/309/1-2


Drayton County Primary (previously Council, Drayton School, National)
Plans, 1960-1967. C/CL/L2/801; 1073
Minutes, date. C/EM34; C/EM100; D/P48/25/4
Photograph, n.d. [c.1902]. D/EX 1861/1
Other records, 1848-2004. C/CL/L2/506/1-6; D/EX 1861/2; D/P48/25/3; 28/10-11

Dry Sandford, see Abingdon St Helen Without

Eaton Hastings

Eaton Hastings CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1874-1963. C/ER13
Log Book, 1874-1965. C/EL/67/1, 2; C/EL74
Punishment Book, 1893-1936. C/EZ18/1, 2
Other records, 1960-1965. C/ER/17/1-6


Faringdon County Primary, (previously Council, British School Junior, elementary)
Plans, 1922-1956. C/CL/L2/110; 135/1-2; 228; 572/1-8
Log Book, 1874-1893. C/EZ39/61
Minutes, 1853-1964. C/EM7/1-3, 46; C/EZ39/1/1-3
Other records, 1884-1922. G/F2/9/1-8 (see also C/EZ39/1-61) C/CL/G1/25/47

Female Subscription
Other records, 1848-1849. D/EX160 F8

Faringdon CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1878-1906. D/EX723/1
Log Book, 1872-1931. C/EL16/1-5
Minutes, 1871-1903. D/P53/25/1
Punishment Book, 1910-1931. C/EZ21
Other records, 1884-1921. G/F2/9; C/CL/E4/34

Faringdon County Girls (County Girls Grammar, previously Secondary)
Plans, 1932; 1960-1961. C/CL/L2/184; 205; 912A-B
Minutes, 1920-1962. C/EM8/1-4; 102
Other records, 1938-1960. C/CL/L2/296A, B; 588/1-5; 688/1-6; C/TR/E10/7; D/QW18/5

Faringdon Secondary Modern
Plans, 1961-1962. C/CL/L2/827; 866
Minutes, 1938-1961. C/EM39, 45
Other records, 1903-1958. C/CL/E4/33/1

Handicraft and Special Subjects Centre
Plans, 1911. C/CL/L2/57/1-2


Parochial School
Log Book, 1901-1981. S339/1/A1/1-3 At OHC
Other records, 1947-1966. S339/1/A2/1; A3/1 At OHC

Garford & Frilford

Garford & Frilford CE
Admission Register, 1919-1971. T/SA/71 At OHC
Plans, 1894. T/S/Plans/69 At OHC
Log Book, 1874-1981. T/SL/111/1-5 At OHC
Minutes, 1874-1981. T/SM/60i-iii At OHC
Punishment Book, 1928-1953. T/SP/12 At OHC
Other records, 1877-1981. At OHC


Goosey CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1896-1967. C/ER51/1, 2
Log Book, 1896-1967. C/EL89/1, 2
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. C/EC1; D/EX1964/1
Punishment Book, 1905-1919. C/EZ35
Other records, 1872-1876. C/EZ36; D/P118B/28/1-7


Grove CE (previously National)
Plans, 1963. C/CL/L2/909
Minutes, 1939-1952. D/P143C/28/1
Other records, 1864-1972. D/P143C/28/4, 5, 9; C/CL/L2/755/1-6

East Hagbourne

East Hagbourne CE
Plans, 1874; 1965. C/EL35/1, 2; C/CL/L2/992
Log Book, 1875-1954. D/EX268/22
Photograph, 1930. D/EX1964/1

East Hanney

East Hanney CE
Plans, 1846; 1960-1961. D/EX268/23; C/CL/L2/793
Log Book, 1865-1891. D/P63/28/14
Photograph, 1912. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1882-1954. D/P63/28/1-10, 28A/2, 3


Harwell County Primary (previously Board, Council)
Plans, 1963-1964. C/CL/L2/934
Log Book, 1895-1923. C/EL79
Minutes, 1933-1967. C/EM103
Other records, 1838-1910. D/P64/25/10; C/CL/G1/25/22

Handicraft Centre
Log Book, 1929-1940. C/EL64/1


Hatford CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1931-1936. C/ER25/1, 2
Log Book, 1875-1934. C/EL17/1,2

East Hendred

East Hendred CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1898-1967. C/ER52-54
Plans, 1859, 1870. D/EX268/24
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. C/EC1; D/EX1964/1
Punishment Book, 1947-1962. C/EZ37
Other records, 1859-1951. D/P66/28/7, 10, 13, 17

East/West Hendred School, Ford Lane [now called The Hendreds Primary]
Plans, 1965-1967. C/CL/L2/1025; 1066

St Amand’s RC
Plans, n.d. [c.1862]. D/EX268/25

West Hendred

West Hendred CE (previously National)
Plans, 1853. D/EX268/26
Admission Register, 1904-1966. SCH1/11/1
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. C/EC1; D/EX1964/1

North Hinksey

North Hinksey CE (previously National)
Plans, 1856; 1960-1961. D/EX268/29/1-14; C/CL/L2/802

Botley Senior Council
Plans, 1936-1938. C/CL/L2/240

South Hinksey

New Hinksey CE (previously Boys, Girls, Infants and Mixed Schools)
Plans, 1871-1952. D/EX268/28
Log Book, 1871. S350/1/A1; 2/A1; 3/A1 At OHC
Minutes, 1895-1948. S350/4/A1/1-3 At OHC

Hinton Waldrist

Hinton Waldrist CE
Admission Register, 1878-1966. C/ER46, 48
Log Book, 1878-1966. C/EL/84/1
Minutes, 1903-1965. D/P70/25/2
Punishment Book, 1906-1966. C/EZ31
Other records, 1833-1965. C/EZ30, 32, 33; D/P70/25/1, 3


Kennington CE (previously National
Plans, 1940-1962. C/CL/E4/47/2; C/CL/L2/862
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1885-1964. C/CL/E4/47/1, L2/583/1-6; D/P95B/25/1

Village School
Other records, 1949-1954. C/CL/L2/502/1-7

Kingston Bagpuize

Kingston Bagpuize Primary
Plans, 1965-1967. C/CL/L2/1061

John Blandy’s Endowed (previously CE, National)
Admission Register, 1896-1961. SCH45/11/1
Plans, 1908-1970. C/CL/E4/48/2
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1836-1969. C/CL/E4/48/1; D/P77/25/3; P/CC2/6/1; SCH45/2/1-4; 4/1; 5/1-4; 6/1-3; 16/1; 18/1-6
Log Book, 1875-1980. SCH45/8/1-3
Punishment Book, 1941-1958. SCH45/12/1

Kingston Lisle

Kingston Lisle CE (previously National)
Log Book, 1875-1909. C/EL47/1
Minutes, 1903-1969. D/P115B/28/1-7
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1836-1959. D/P115/25/4, 11, 12; 28/1-7; 115B/28/1-7

Letcombe Bassett

Letcombe Basset School (previously National)
Plans, 1864-1926. D/EX/268/34
Log Book, 1858. D/EX1904/1-3
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1

Letcombe Regis

Letcombe CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1957-1995. S358/1/A2/1–2 At OHC
Log Book, 1864-1996. S358/1/A1/1–4 At OHC
Plans, 1856; 1965-1966. D/EX268/35; C/CL/L2/1012


Littleworth CE
Admission Register, 1907-1959. C/ER3/1, 2
Plans, 20C. C/AR/P4/77
Log Book, 1875-1959. C/EL56/1-3
Photograph, n.d. [c1910]. C/EC1
Punishment Book, 1921-1936. C/EZ8

East Lockinge

East Lockinge CE (previously National)
Log Book, 1920-1925. C/EL18
Minutes, 1902-1925. D/P82/28/1
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. C/EC1; D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1903-1935. D/P82/28/2-5

Longcot and Fernham

Longcot and Fernham CE (previously National)
Photograph, n.d. [c1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1929. D/P112B/28/1


Longworth Undenominational (previously British)
Plans, 1962. C/CL/L2/854
Other records, 1898-1948. D/P83/25/3

Longworth National
Other records, n.d. [c.1825]. D/P83/28/2

Southmoor Preparatory
Other records, 1958-1981. D/EX1612/1

Other records, 1947. D/P83/28/9/1-2


Lyford CE
Log Book, 1864-1870. D/P63C/25/2
Other records, 1869-1941. D/P63C/3/2


Marcham Primary
Plans, 1964-1965. C/CL/L2/978


Milton CE
Plans, 1882, 1904. D/P85/25/20, 26
Log Book, 1903-1961. D/P85/25/25, 28
Minutes, 1878-1956. D/P85/25/14, 15
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1802-1973. C/CL/E4/59; D/P85/25

North Moreton

North Moreton CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1908-1940. C/ER29, 30/1-4
Log Book, 1866-1938. C/EL27/1, 2
Minutes, 1924-1937. D/P86/28/6
Punishment Book, 1933-1938. C/EZ20
Other records, 1904-1938. D/P86/8A/4; 25/2

South Moreton

South Moreton County Primary (previously Council, Board, National)
Admission Register, 1873-1925. C/ER60
Plans, 1960. C/CL/L2/747/1-5
Log Book, 1879-1936. C/EL104/1-2
Minutes, 1880-1947. C/EM38; D/P87/28/2
Other records, 1904-1925. C/EZ41; D/P87/28/1/1-2


Moulsford CE
Minutes, 1934-1971. D/P88/28/6
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1926-1972. D/P88/28/3, 7, 8

Willow Court
Other records, 1946. RD/W/SB2/1061


Radley CE
Plans, 1962-1963. C/CL/L2/890
Minutes, 1895-1926. D/P95/25/4
Other records, 1867-1957. C/CL/L2/584/1-8; D/P95/25/2, 3, 5


Shrivenham CE (previously National, Charity)
Plans, 1964-1965. C/CL/L2/994
Other records, 1718-1937. D/P112/25/1-3, 28/3, 4


Sparsholt CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1903-1965. C/ER40/1, 2
Log Book, 1870-1965. D/P115/28/45-47
Minutes, 1903-1965. D/P115/28/48
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. C/EC1/50; D/EX1964/1
Punishment Book, 1904-1952. C/EZ29
Other records, 1837-1967. D/P115/28/1-14A; 115B/28/1


Stanford-in-the-Vale CE (previously National)
Plans, 1870, n.d. [19c]; 1963-1964; 1964-1966. D/EX268/43; D/EX1303/10/7; C/CL/L2/938; C/CL/L2/1020
Minutes, 1916-1954. D/P118/28/19
Other records, 1872-1964. D/P118/28/2-7, 20


St Michael’s CE (previously Steventon National)
Plans, 1861-1871. D/EX268/44
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1
Other records, 1816-1967. C/CL/L2/591/1-6; D/P119/28/2, 3, 5, 6


Sunningwell CE
Log Book, 1871-1987. S379/1/A1/1–3 At OHC
Minutes, 1944-1990. S379/1/A3/1–2 At OHC
Punishment Book, 1909-1961. S379/1/A2/1 At OHC
Other records, 1955-1990. S379/1/A4; A5; C; PR At OHC

Sutton Courtenay

All Saint’s CE (previously National)
Plans, 1960-1961. C/AR/P4/113; C/CL/L2/806
Minutes, 1902-1959. D/P128/25/40
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1
Other records, 1734-1986. C/CL/L2/666/1-8; D/P128/25

Courtenay Lodge
Photograph, [1930s]. D/EX1914
Other records, 1924-1939. D/EX2479


Uffington CE (previously National)
Plans, 1850-1851, 1956. D/EX268/48; D/P115/28/15
Log Book, 1866-1975. C/EL112/1-4
Other records, 1851-1956. C/CL/E4/90/1, 2; D/EX1147/1


Upton CE
Admission Register, 1868-1971. C/ER58
Plans, 1871. D/EX268/49
Log Book, 1873-1971. C/ER58
Punishment Book, 1914-1955. C/EZ45/1
Other records, 1927-1971. C/EZ45/2-11


Blackstone Secondary Modern (previously Wallingford County Secondary Modern)
Other records, 1948-1960. C/CL/E4/92; L2/593/1-7; 737/1-17

Controlled Infant
Plans, 1961-1963. C/CL/L2/877

Handicraft and Special Subjects Centre, Cookery Centre
Log Book, 1912-1941. SCH22/8/5-6
Other records, 1911. C/CL/L2/57/1-2

Manual Instruction Centre
Photograph, 1913. D/EX1964/1

St John’s Primary
Log Book, 1958-1997. SCH22/8/3-4
Punishment Book, 1968-1972. SCH22/12/1
Other records, 1976; 2010. SCH22/5/2; 18/1-3

St Nicholas CE Infants
Plans, 1960-1970. C/CL/E4/93/2-3
Other records, 1958-1970. C/CL/E4/93/1

Wallingford Boy’s Council
Log Book, 1910-1958. SCH22/8/3-4
Photograph, 1911. D/EX1964/1
Punishment Book, 1910-1968. SCH22/12/1
Other records, n.d. [c.1933]. SCH22/16/1

Wallingford Boy’s National
Log Book, 1863-1910. SCH22/8/1-2
Other records, n.d. c1892-1897. SCH22/2/1-2; 5/1-2; 10/1; 18/4

Wallingford Council
Minutes, 1910-1953. C/EM21, 32
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1/57

Wallingford Council School for Boys (elementary)
Other records, 1908-1909. C/CL/G1/25/15; L2/22

Wallingford County Junior
Plans, 1966-1967. C/CL/L2/1081

Wallingford Girls and Infants
Plans, 1963-1964. C/CL/L2/906

Wallingford Grammar (previously Bigg’s Charity)
Plans, 1960-1962. C/CL/L2/839
Minutes, 1912-1967. reference
Other records, 1837-1960. C/CL/G1/25/34; C/EM22/1-6; 113/1-2; D/QWA1/5/1/5,6; 4/2/1-2; 5/1-2; D/QX/10/1; C/TR/E12; E8/5,9; C/CL/L2/66,127, 128, 208, 350, 736; WA/SB1/100

Wallingford National
Plans, c.1861-1871. D/EX268/50
Minutes, 1895-1954. D/P137/28/2
Other records, 1948. D/P137/28/20


Wantage CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1858-1957. S387/2/A3/1-6; A4/1; 3/A2/1-3 At OHC
Plans, 1898-1966. D/P143/28/16, 23, 45
Log Book, 1863-1932, 1914-1921. S387/A1/1-5; A2/1-2 At OHC; C/EL12
Minutes, 1892-1926, 1926-1965. S387/2//A7/1 At OHC; D/P143/28/43
Punishment Book, 1950-1966. S387/2/A8/1 At OHC
Other records, 1896-1915, 1850-1974. S387/3/A2/1 At OHC; D/P143/28
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1

Wantage County Primary (previously Council)
Admission Register, 1929-1981. S387/1/R1/1–5 At OHC
Plans, 1964-1965. C/CL/L2/985
Log Book, 1929-1953, 1953-1987. C/EL63; S387/1/A1/1–2 At OHC
Minutes, 1929-1968; 1960-1992. C/EM48; 114; S387/1/A2/; A3 At OHC
Other records, 1954-1979. S387/1/PR; R2 At OHC

Infants School, Church Street
Plans, 1966. C/CL/L2/1045

King Alfred’s Grammar
Minutes, 1656-1949. C/EM40; D/QW1/1-4
Other records, 1595-1960. C/CL/E4/96; L2/707; D/QW3/1-5; R/D134/7/8; D/P143/28/29; D/EX2547/2/6/1; 4/5/8

St Katherine’s
Photograph, n.d. [20c]. D/EX1964/1

Special Subjects School/Woodwork Centre
Other records, 1928. C/CL/L2/150
Log Book, 1928-1940. C/EL64/1, 2

Admission Register, 1904-1928, 1929-1931. S387/4/A2/1; A3/1 At OHC; C/ER35
Plans, 1855-1856, 1912-1913. D/EX268/51; S387/4/Y1/1-5 At OHC
Log Book, 1863-1929. S387/4/A1/1, 2 At OHC
Minutes, 1912-1914. S387/4/A4/1 At OHC
Other records, 1907-1929. C/CL/G1/46
Other records, 1848-1986. At OHC

Segsbury Secondary Modern
Plans, 1960-1962. C/CL/L2/845
Other records, 1957-1963. C/CL/E4/97/1

Charlton School
Photograph, [20c]. D/EX1964/1

Icknield County Secondary Modern
Plans, c.1939-1953; 1961. C/CL/E4/95/2; C/CL/L2/805
Minutes, 1955-1965. C/EM115
Other records, 1938-1960. C/CL/E4/95/1; L2/500,501,621; D/P143/28/32


Watchfield Primary, previously National, Smith’s and Vicars’
Plans, 1961-1967. C/CL/L2/855; 1016; 1059
Log Book, 1871-1913. C/EL23
Other records, 1862-1958. D/P112C/25/5/1, 2, 4; 28/1-3; C/CL/L2/689/1-6

Little Wittenham

Little Wittenham Council (previously National and CE)
Admission Register, 1928-1930. C/ER27
Log Book, 1895-1929. C/EL24; D/EX566/1
Minutes, 1921-1929. C/EM26
Photograph, n.d. [2.0c]. D/EX566/10
Other records, 1899-1913. D/EX566/5, 6, 16, 17

Long Wittenham

Long Wittenham CE (previously National)
Admission Register, 1833-1875. D/P153/28/1
Plans, 1856; 1962. D/EX268/58; C/CL/L2/864


Wootton CE (previously National)
Minutes, 1954-1976. D/P157/28/2
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1


Wytham CE (previously National)

Log Book, 1899-1905, 1910-1955. C/EL25; S393/1/A1/1 At OHC

Punishment Book, 1910-1957. S393/1/A2/1 At OHC

Further information

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Church of England schools The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU Tel: 020 7898 1400 Email: 

Nonconformist schools Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA Email: 

Diocesan records To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools:

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 

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Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND Tel: 08452 262 636 

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