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Using this Guide

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the Reading area. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available. The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue. Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results. If you would like to visit the office to carry out research, please make an appointment. Please see our Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

Note on Closure Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff.

Reading School Board/Education Authority general

The majority of non-church schools were run by the Board, 1871-1903.

From 1903 to 1974, the borough’s Education Committee was a Local Education Authority, independent of Berkshire County Council (see R/AC for minutes, R/FE for accounts, and R/E for other records.)

Reading School Board
Minutes, 1871-1903. R/EB1/1-24

Reading Education Authority
Minutes, 1903-1974. R/AC3
Other records, 1903-1974. R/E; R/FE
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26


Amersham Hall, Henley Road
Other records, 1877-1938. D/EX1462/1; D/EX1791/1

Bridge Street Nursery, Bridge Street
Admission Register, 1946-1970. C/ER73/1
Log Book, 1946-1970. C/EL127/1

Caversham House Academy
Other records, c.1870-1879. D/EX965/144; D/EX2508/1

Caversham Nursery, Gosbrook Road
Admission Register, 1946-2011. SCH43/11/1-2
Log Book, 1942-1964, 1983-1986. SCH43/8/1, 3
Minutes, 1975-1983. 88/ED131-132
Photograph, 1969. D/EX1485/17/16

Caversham Park Primary, Caversham Park Road/Queensway
Other records, 1971-1985. 86/ED/53, 63; D/P162/1/25

Caversham Parochial Central (previously Caversham Parochial), School Lane
Plans, 1859-1899. D/P162/28/9-10
Minutes, 1903-1933. D/P162/28/12-13
Other records, 1822-1922. D/P162/7/35; 12/12; 28/3-8

Caversham Primary (previously Caversham Council Senior and Junior), Hemdean Road
Minutes, 1972-1983. 89/ED/38
Photograph, 1934-1944. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX1173/2

Caversham House Academy (previously Mr Knighton’s Academy), Church Street (previously Gun Street, Friar Street and Church Street, Reading)
Other records, 1835-1850s. SCH40/18/1-2

Chiltern Nursery Training College, Peppard Road
Other records, 1969. D/EX1485/17/17

Emmer Green National, Grove Road/School Lane
Admission Register, 1923-1933. R/ES8/4
Log Book, 1878-1933. R/ES8/1-3
Minutes, 1926-1933. D/P162/28/13
Other records, 1864-1937. D/P162/28/31-38
Photograph, c.1890s. D/P162D/28/7

Hemdean House (previously Verona Lodge)
Plans, 1980s-21C. SCH40/6/4-6

Hemdean Road (previously Caversham Street)
Other records, 1860s, 1905-2012. SCH40/4/1-3; 5/1; 6/1-3; 7/1-9; 10/1-2; 13/1; 14/1-3; 15/21; 16/1-3; 18/3-10
Photograph, c.1862-21C. D/EX965/148; SCH40/15/1-20

New Bridge Nursery, Montague Street
Plans, 1977. D/P162E/28/9
Photograph, 1972. D/EX1485/17/18
Minutes, 1976-1986. 88/ED/140

Queen Anne’s (previously Grey Coat Hospital, Westminster), Henley Road
Other records, 1911. SCH3/7/21
Photograph, 1978. D/EX1638/67/35

St Anne’s RC Primary (previously Caversham RC), Washington Road
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

St John’s CE School (previously St John’s National), St John’s Road
Admission Register, 1949-1969. 96/SCH/3/1
Plans, 1892-20C. D/P162/28/27, 30; D/P162E/28/3
Log Book, 1895-1951. 89/SCH/14/1-2
Minutes, 1926-1946. D/P162/28/13; D/P162E/28/4, 6
Other records, 1896-1975. D/P162/25/29-33; 28/8. 24-26, 28-29; D/P162E/28/5, 8

Thameside Primary (previously Caversham Secondary Modern), Harley Road
Admission Register, 1970-1972. 96/SCH/3/1
Other records, 1947-1952. D/EX1485/17/82; D/EX651/2/18

The Grove, Surley Hill, Emmer Green
Other records, 1956. D/EX1485/17/91

The Hill Primary, Peppard Road
Minutes, 1972-1986. 86/ED/98


Alfred Sutton Primary (previously Alfred Sutton, Wokingham Road Junior Mixed and Infant, Wokingham Road Board), Wokingham Rd
Log Book, 1902-1984. 89/SCH/37/1-2
Minutes, 1902-1994, 1977-1986. R/EB/2/6A/12; 86/ED/45; 88/ED/80
Other records, 1900. 89/SCH/2/28
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26
Punishment Book, 1970-1980. 89/SCH/37/3

Alfred Sutton Secondary Boys (previously Alfred Sutton Central), Crescent Road
Admission Register, 1935-1986. SCH38/11/1-6
Log Book, 1935-1972. SCH38/8/1
Minutes, 1955-1986. C/EM198; 88/ED/137
Other records, 1925-1984. D/EX2172/1; SCH38/3/1-12; 7/1-2; 9/1; 10/1-4; 14/1-14; 16/1-7; 18/1-4
Photograph, 1928-1934. D/EX2676/1; 89/SCH/2/26
Punishment Book, 1976-1984. SCH38/12/1

Alfred Sutton Secondary Girls (previously New Town Secondary Modern, New Town Senior Mixed, New Town Girls, Girls Department of New Town Council, New Town Board, Reading and Earley Board, Wokingham Road (formerly Cumberland Road)
Admission Register, 1875-1878, 1924-1986. 86/SCH/3/8-9, 11-12; 86/SCH/5/1-3
Log Book, 1876-1973. 86/SCH/3/10, 13-14A; 89/SCH/2/8; D/EX2015/1-2
Minutes, 1955-1986. C/EM199; 88/ED/138
Other records, 1945-1956. D/EX1485/17/78-79
Photograph, 1947. D/EX1485/17/80

All Saints Primary (previously All Saints National), Brownlow Road
Minutes, 1913-1948. C/EM72/2; D/P168/28/4
Other records, 1865-1926. D/P168/1B/1; 6/7; R/D142/3/9

All Saints Infant, Brownlow Road
Log Book, 1873-1975. 89/SCH/19/1-5
Minutes, 1903-1913, 1949-1983. R/ES15/1; 86/ED/40
Other records, 1953-1970s. 89/SCH/19/4A; D/EX1485/17/89
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

Battle Evening Continuation
Log Book, 1899-1907. R/ES9/1

Battle County Primary (previously Battle Junior, Battle Council, Battle Board Kensington Road (previously Cranbury Rd)
Admission Register, 1955-2000. SCH20/11/3-4
Log Book, 1891-1996. SCH20/8/5-7; SCH52/8/1-2
Minutes, 1891-1905, 1972-1985. R/EB2/6A/7; 86/ED/87; 88/ED/100
Other records, 1971-1973. C/CL/E1/5/12
Photograph, 1934-1992. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX2698/3/1

Battle Infant, Kensington Road
Admission Register, 1893-1907, 1954-1988. SCH20/11/1-2
Log Book, 1893-1982. SCH20/8/1-3
Minutes, 1972-1982. 86/ED/27; 88/ED/100
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

Battle Secondary Modern (previously Battle Senior) Kensington Road
Log Book, 1891-1968. SCH52/8/1-4
Other records, 1947. D/EX1485/17/83

British Girls (previously Reading Ladies Free School), Southampton Street
Minutes, 1818-1901. R/ES12/7-12
Other records, 1818-1883. R/ES12/1, 4-6, 73
Minutes, 1892-1905. R/EB/2/6A/9

Central Boys (previously Central Boys Board) Chesterman’s Gardens
Log Book, 1896-1921. 89/SCH/8/5

Coley Park County Primary, Wensley Road
Minutes, 1973-1983. 88/ED/151

Coley Primary (previously Coley Street Board), Wolseley Street (previously Coley Street)
Admission Register, 1944-1963. 89/SCH/48/10
Log Book, 1872-1985. 89/SCH/48/1-9
Photograph, 1992. D/EX2698/3/1
Minutes, 1889-1904, 1972-1986. R/EB/2/6A/1; 88/ED/157; 90/ED/2
Other records, 1872-1956. R/FE3/2; 89/SCH/48/11-13; D/EX1485/17/90

E P Collier Primary (previously Collier Junior, Swansea Road), Swansea Road
Admission Register, 1938-1958. 95/SCH/1/1
Log Book, 1899-1939. 89/SCH/9/1
Minutes, 1972-1983. 88/ED/103
Other records, 1945-1956. 89/SCH/50/2; 95/SCH/1/2
Photograph, 1934-1992. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX2698/3/2
Punishment Book, 1947-1963. 89/SCH/50/1

E P Collier Secondary (previously Collier Central), Ross Road
Other records, 1947-1951. D/N43/4/2/1
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

Geoffrey Field Infant, Exbourne Road
Admission Register, 1949-1974. 89/SCH/44/1-2
Minutes, 1972-1988. 85/ED/1; 89/SCH/44/4
Other records, 1949-1983. 89/SCH/44/3

Geoffrey Field Junior, Exbourne Road
Minutes, 1972-1981. 85/ED/3

George Palmer Central (previously Palmer Senior), Basingstoke Road
Photograph, 1934-1937. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX815/1

George Palmer Infant, Basingstoke Road
Admission Register, 1907-1996. 2001/SCH/3/5-11
Log Book, 1907-1991. 90/SCH/4/2-3; 2001/SCH/3/12
Other records, 1907-1983. 2001/SCH3/13-18; 2002/SCH/1/1

George Palmer Junior, Basingstoke Road
Admission Register, 1931-1955. 89/SCH/8/3-4
Log Book, 1905-1980. 89/SCH/8/1-2
Other records, 1983-1999. 2001/SCH/6/1; 2002/SCH/1/1

Green Girls, Russell Street (previously Broad Street, St Mary’s Butts)
Admission Register, 1782-1878. D/QR13/2/1
Minutes, 1783-1988. D/QR13/1/1-7; 2/1-2; D/EX1962/1
Other records, 1611-1981. D/QR1/6/3; 13/2/1-4, 8-9; 13/3/1; 13/4/1-4; 13/6-7; R/D134/9/1-2; 7; D/P98/3/9; 25/26-27, 39; 28A/4; D/EX2828/1

Greyfriars CE (previously Greyfriars National), Caversham Road
Admission Register, 1885-1932. R/ES4/6-9
Log Book, 1865-1932. R/ES4/1-5
Minutes, 1903-1932. R/ES4/10
Other records, 1932-1972. D/P163/8A/7, 12, 31; R/ES4/11
Photograph, 1891-1892. D/EX1638/76/1

Grovelands County Infant (previously Grovelands Board Infant)
Admission Register, 1968-1987. 87/SCH/5/6-8
Log Book, 1880-1890, 1974-1987. 87/SCH/5/1, 5
Minutes, 1973-1987. 88/ED/144; 89/ED/80
Other records, 1997. T/B60

Grovelands Primary (previously Grovelands Board Mixed), Norcot Road (previously Oxford Road)
Admission Register, 1935-1972. 89/SCH/46/1-4
Log Book, 1880-1890, 1929-1974. 87/SCH/5/2-4
Minutes, 1889-1904, 1981-1984. R/EB2/6A/2; 86/ED/54
Other records, 1997. T/B60
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26
Other records, 1956-1958. D/P171/3/6

Holybrook Educational Settlement, Castle Street
Photograph, 1938. D/EX2488/1

Holy Trinity (previously Holy Trinity National), Oxford Road
Admission Register, 1878-1929. R/ES3/4-6
Log Book, 1863-1929. R/ES3/1-3
Minutes, 1903-1929. R/ES3/7

Katesgrove Primary (previously Katesgrove Junior Mixed, Katesgrove Girls and Infant, Katesgrove Council, Katesgrove Board), Katesgrove Lane
Admission Register, 1874-1975. SCH6/11/1-10
Plans, 1873. SCH6/6/1
Log Book, 1872-1987. SCH6/8/1-8
Minutes, 1889-1905, 1972-1985. R/EB2/6A/3; 86/ED/88
Other records, 1872-1967. R/FE3/1; SCH6/2/1-2, 10/1-3
Photograph, 1934-1992. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX2698/3/1
Punishment Book, 1942-1972. D/EX1328/2/1

Katesgrove Secondary Modern Mixed (previously Katesgrove Senior Boys Council), Dorothy Street
Log Book, 1921-1960. 89/SCH/8/6-8
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26
Other records, 1932-1933. D/EX2772/1

Kendrick Boys, Queens Road
Admission Register, 1876-1915. SCH3/11/1-2
Minutes, 1875-1915. R/EC4/4D/1; R/ES13/1-4
Other records, 1876-1916. R/ES13/10-14; R/FE3/7-11; D/QR22/8/2

Kendrick Girls, Watlington St/London Road
Admission Register, 1876-1908, 1938-1952. 86/SCH/2/1; R/ES13/9
Minutes, 1875-1930. R/ES13/1-6; R/EC4/4D/1
Other records, 1876-1967. 86/SCH/2/1-6; R/ES13/7-8, 10-18; R/FE3/9-11; D/EX651/2/6-7; D/EX1485/2/35; 6/6; 17/56-65; C/CL/E4/68; C/EM263
Photograph, 1934-1939. D/EX1905/1-3; D/EX2151/3/2; D/EX2829/1/1-3

Leighton Park, Shinfield Road
Other records, 1947. D/EX651/2/8
Photograph, 1978. D/EX1638/67/34

Lower Whitley CE (previously Lower Whitley National) Basingstoke Road
Admission Register, 1903-1935. R/ES5/4-5
Plans, 1859. D/EX2009/3
Log Book, 1868-1935. R/ES5/1-3
Minutes, 1903-1938. D/P170/25/4
Other records, 1859-1980. D/P170/25/2, 5-6, 11; 28/10-11, 13; D/P96/28/80

Malvern House, Addington Road
Other records, 1946. D/EX2254/1

Manor Primary (previously Manor County Infant and Junior Ashampstead Road
Minutes, 1972-1984. 86/ED/41-42

Manual Instruction Centre, Chesterman’s Gardens
Log Book, 1896-1923. 89/SCH/8/9

Newbery Lodge Special, Christchurch Road
Minutes, 1971-1981. 86/ED/30

Marlborough House (previously Park Villa, Park House), Parkside Road
Other records, 1860-1959. R/D131/5/140; D/ESE/T8/36

Neale’s Charity [Unknown—St Mary’s parish]
Other records, 1740-1906. D/P98/25/18-19, 24

New Christ Church CE (previously Christchurch CE Primary, Christ Church National), Milman Road (previously Grove Road)
Admission Register, 1927-1974. 89/SCH/7/9-11
Plans, 1867, 1967. D/EX2009/4; D/EX1722/9
Log Book, 1868-1984. 89/SCH/7/1-8
Minutes, 1903-1938, 1983-2000. D/P170/25/4; 2001/SCH/5/1-2, 5
Other records, 1814-2000. D/P170/25/1-2, 5-6, 8-9, 11; 28/11; 89/SCH/7/12-13; 2001/SCH/5/3-4
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

New Town Primary (previously New Town Infant and Junior, New Town Council, New Town Board, Reading and Earley Board), Cumberland Road
Admission Register, 1875-1976. 86/SCH/3/9, 11-12; 89/SCH/2/9-20
Log Book, 1875-1974. 86/SCH/3/10, 14, 14A; 89/SCH/2/1-7; 89/SCH/5/1
Minutes, 1873-1905, 1973-1985. R/EB2/6A/1; R/ES14/1-3; 86/ED/89
Other records, 1900-1974. 89/SCH/2/22-25, 27, 29-30; R/D140/6
Photograph, 1901-1934. D/EX1765/1; 89/SCH/2/26
Punishment Book, 1930-1970. 89/SCH/2/21

Oxford Road Primary (previously Oxford Road Girls, Oxford Road Junior Mixed and Infant, Oxford Road Board), Oxford Road
Admission Register, 1883-1972. 89/SCH/40/12-20
Log Book, 1883-1985. 89/SCH/40/1-11
Minutes, 1889-1904, 1972-1982. R/EB2/6A/5; 85/ED/15; 86/ED/15
Other records, 1949-1984. 89/SCH/40/21-24
Photograph, 1934-1950s. 89/SCH/2/26; 40/10A

Reading Adult & Community College (previously Reading Adult College, Reading Adult Education Centre), Wilson Road
Minutes, 1978-1981. 85/ED/48
Other records, 1979-1981. 85/ED/45

Reading and Wokingham District


See Wokingham Borough schools guide under Wargrave.

Reading Blue Coat London Road (later Sonning; see also Wokingham Borough)
Plans, 1872. D/EX2009/6
Other records, 1572-1979. D/QR2, 8; D/EX1173/12; SCH3/5/17

Reading College (previously Thames Valley University’s Reading campus, Reading College and School of Art and Design, Reading College of Technology, Reading Technical College), King’s Road
Minutes, 1974-1984. 83/ED/23-25; 85/ED/49; 88/ED/42
Other records, 1947-1971. D/EX1485/17/32-45

Reading Collegiate, London Road
Photograph, 1926-1944. D/EX1173/1-2; D/EX2522/1

Reading Day Unit, Oxford Road
Minutes, 1977-1982. 86/ED/34

Reading Girls, Northumberland Avenue
Photograph, 1990-2007. D/EX2698/1/1

Reading Nursery, Whitley
Minutes, 1937-1939. R/ES18/1

Reading School (previously Reading Free or Grammar), Erleigh Road (previously the Town Hall)
Admission Register, 1882-1956. SCH3/11/3-19
Plans, n.d. [c.1850s-1860s]-1973. R/ES19/18; SCH3/6/13-27
Minutes, 1862-1949, 1981-1985. R/ES19/1; SCH3/1/1-14
Other records, 1618-2001. R/D150/3/5; R/ES19/2-17, 19-35; R/FE3/4-6; R/FZ2/29, 31; R/Z3/4, 6-8, 56, 71; 6/1/12, 22, 25-27; 7/1, 7; 9/1-24; D/QR2/6/3; 22/1/1; 22/8/1-2; 37/1-3; SCH3; D/EX647/2/1; D/EX1485/17/55; D/EX2161/1/8; D/EX2211/1; D/EX2474/3/2; D/EX2670/4/34; D/EX2807/37/20; C/CL//E1/5/1, 4; C/CL/E4/69
Photograph, 20C. SCH3/15/1-4; D/EX651/1/1; D/EX693/1; D/EX1638/63-64, 67-68, 71; D/EX2829/3/1

Reading School of Industry, Friar Street
Other records, 1806-1889. P/CC2/8/1-2

Reading Teachers’ Centre, Wilson Road
Minutes, 1970-1982. D/EX2081/1
Photograph, 1983. D/EX2081/2

Redlands Evening [Lydford Road]
Log Book, 1899-1906. 89/SCH/2/8

Redlands Primary (previously Redlands Infant and Junior, Redlands Mixed, Redlands Boys and Girls, Redlands Board), Lyford Road
Admission Register, 1892-1980. 86/SCH/3/20-26; 89/SCH/6/1; 94/SCH/1/1; 94/SCH/3/1
Log Book, 1891-1989. 86/SCH/3/27, 29-31; 87/SCH/2/1-2; 89/SCH/5/2-3; 94/SCH/3/2
Minutes, 1891-1904, 1972-1984. R/EB2/6A/8; 88/ED/66
Other records, 1912-1980. D/EX2134/1; 89/SCH/6/2; 91/SCH/5/1; R/D140/3-4
Photograph, 1890s-1934. 87/SCH/2/3; D/EX2134/2-11; 87/2CH/2/3; 89/SCH/2/26

St Giles Boys (previously St Giles National), Crown Street/London Street
Admission Register, 1909-1932. R/ES2/13
Plans, 1872. D/EX2009/6
Log Book, 1863-1938. R/ES2/4-10
Minutes, 1903-1938. R/ES2/11-12
Other records, 1859-1939. D/P96/28/3, 6-10, 77-78; D/EX1035/1; D/EX1173/12; D/EX2635/1/1-7; R/ES2/14
Photograph, 1917. D/P96/28/94

St Giles Infants (previously St Giles National Infants), Crown Street
Log Book, 1863-1932. R/ES2/1-3
Other records, 1908. D/P96/28/81
Other records, 1913-1946. 82/ED/41
Punishment Book, 1925-1942. 95/SCH/6/1

St James’s RC Primary Forbury Road
Admission Register, 1972-1990. 92/SCH/6/1

St John’s CE Primary (previously St John’s Junior Mixed, St John’s National), Queen’s Road/ Orts Road
Admission Register, 1873-1966. 89/SCH/20/3-10; D/P172/28/29
Log Book, 1863-1975. D/P172/28/20-28
Minutes, 1892-1937. D/P172/28/20; R/ES17/1-2
Other records, 1839-1990. 89/SCH/20/1-2, 11-28; D/P172/6/3; 8A/8, 17-20; 28/23A, 30-34, 69, 71
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

St Joseph’s Convent, Upper Redlands Road
Other records, 1947. D/EX1485/17/84

St Laurence’s CE (previously St Laurence’s National), Abbey Street
Admission Register, 1901-1927. R/ES1/9-10
Plans, 1851-1931. D/EX2009/1; C/CL/L2/177
Log Book, 1863-1927. R/ES1/1-8
Minutes, 1903-1927. R/ES1/12
Other records, 1850-1931. D/P97/6/2-3; 28/41; R/ES1/11; D/EX1557/3/4
Photograph, 1934, 1968. D/P97/28/25; 28/26/1

St Mary’s CE (previously St Mary’s National), Hosier Street/Wensley Road
Admission Register, 1856-1908, 1933-1967. D/P168/28/1-3; 92/SCH/7/10-14
Plans, 1855-20C. D/EX2009/2; D/P98/28/16, 56; D/P175/28/7
Log Book, 1863-1959. 92/SCH/7/1-9
Minutes, 1876-1980. D/P168/28/4; R/ES15/1; C/EM72/1-2
Other records, 1862-1977. D/P98/28/38; 92/SCH/7/15; D/P168/28/5; D/EX1485/17/53, 103

St Mary’s Episcopal Chapel Voluntary, Castle Street/St Mary’s Butts
Minutes, 1903-1906. R/ES16/1

St Stephen’s CE (previously St Stephen’s National), Rupert Street
Admission Register, 1887-1929. R/ES6/3-5
Plans, 1871. D/EX2009/5
Log Book, 1871-1929. R/ES6/1-2
Minutes, 1894-1937. D/P172B/28/2; R/ES17/1-2
Other records, 1871-1965. D/P96/28/11; D/P172/6/3; 28/69-72; D/P172B/28/8

Shinfield Road Council Shinfield
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

Silver Street Council (previously Silver Street Board), Silver Street
Log Book, 1872-1919. R/ES7/1-3
Minutes, 1889-1905. R/EB2/6A/6
Other records, 1872-1887. R/FE3/3

Southampton Street Infants (previously Southampton Street Board Infants, Reading British Infants) Southampton Street
Admission Register, 1870-1907. 2001/SCH/3/1-5
Log Book, 1870-1907. 90/SCH/4/1
Minutes, 1862-1901. R/ES12/7, 10-12
Other records, 1869-1907. 2001/SCH/3/13-14; R/ES12/5-6

Southampton Street Boys (previously Southampton Street Board, Reading British), Southampton Street
Log Book, 1863-1907. R/ES12/14; 89/SCH/8/1
Minutes, 1809-1904. R/EB2/6A/11; R/ES12/1-2, 4-7
Other records, 1809-1903. R/ES12/13, 15-72, 74-90

Southcote Primary Silchester Road
Minutes, 1972-1985. 89/ED/52

Swansea Road Council (previously Swansea Road Board), Swansea Road
Log Book, 1899-1939. 89/SCH/9/1
Minutes, 1899-1905. R/EB2/6A/10

Swansea Road Evening, Swansea Road
Log Book, 1905-1908. R/ES10/1

Thamesbridge College (previously Ashmead), Northumberland Avenue
Admission Registers, 1999-2000. SCH7/11/1
Minutes, 1992-1998. SCH7/1/1-2
Other Records, 1997-1998. SCH7/3/1

The Abbey, Kendrick Road
Other records, 1940-1968. D/EX1485/17/68; D/P96/1C/45

The Avenue Special, Basingstoke Road
Minutes, 1982-1983. 88/ED/115

The Ridgeway Primary, Willow Gardens
Minutes, 1972-1986. 89/ED/89

University of Reading (previously Reading University College)
Other records, 1911. D/EL/Q1

Wakefield Lodge Special, Christchurch Road
Admission Register, 1962-1981. 88/SCH/33/1
Log Book, 1972-1978. 89/SCH/24/1
Minutes, 1972-1981. 86/ED/30

Westwood (previously Wilson County Secondary, Wilson Central and Senior, Wilson Senior and Intermediate Mixed), Wilson Road
Log Book, 1905-1972. 2001/SCH/4/5-8
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26
Punishment Book, 1957-1972. 2001/SCH/4/10

Whitley Church [Unknown]
Other records, 1862-1869. D/P96/28/3

Whitley Park Infant, Basingstoke Road
Minutes, 1981-1986. 89/ED/90

Whitley Park Junior, Basingstoke Road
Minutes, 1981-1986. 86/ED/90

Wilson Primary (previously Wilson Junior) Wilson Road
Admission Register, 1904-1986. SCH14/11/1-11
Log Book, 1904-1982. SCH14/8/1-3
Minutes, 1977-1985. 86/ED/91
Other records, 1964-1990s. SCH14/10/1-3; 16/1; 18/1
Photograph, 1934-1992. 89/SCH/2/26; D/EX2698/3/1
Punishment Book, 1905-1931. SCH14/12/1
Other records, 1918. D/EX1341/1

Wilson County Secondary (previously Wilson Senior and Intermediate Mixed, Wilson Central), Wilson Road
Log Book, 1905-1972. SCH52/8/5-8
Punishment Book, 1957-1972. SCH52/12/1

Wilton House, Parkside Road
Plans, 1919-1969. D/ECD/T17; C/CL/L2/387; C/AR/P13/8
Photograph, 1922. D/EX2049/1

Wokingham Road Council (previously Wokingham Road Board), Wokingham Road
Admission Register, 1906-1935. 86/SCH/3/15-17
Log Book, 1906-1935. 86/SCH/3/18-19

Wokingham Road Evening, Wokingham Road
Log Book, 1906-1908. R/ES11/1

Wokingham Road Infant and Junior, See Alfred Sutton.


Little Heath (previously Little Heath Secondary Modern), Littleheath Road
Plans, 1964. C/CL/L2/944
Minutes, 1974-1983. C/EM205; 89/ED/13

Meadow Park Academy (previously Upcroft County Primary, Upcroft County Junior), Norcot Road
Minutes, 1984. 88/ED/117

Meadway Comprehensive, The Meadway
Log Book, 1972-2001. SCH52/8/8-9
Minutes, 1973-1986. 82/ED/6; 88/ED/101
Other records, 1974-2001. C/CL/E1/5/12; SCH52/9/1-3; 14/1-2; 16/1
Punishment Book, 1972-1984. SCH52/12/1

Moorlands Primary, Church End Lane
Log Book, 1966-1985. 89/SCH/10/1-2

Norcot County Primary (previously Norcot Secondary Modern, Norcot Council, Norcot Elementary), Norcot Road (previously Reading Road/Norcot Lane)
Admission Register, 1885-1988. 89/SCH/45/4-8
Log Book, 1945-1989. 89/SCH/45/1-3
Minutes, 1972-1989. 89/ED/87
Other records, 1905-1909, 1981-1989. C/CL/ G1/25/4; 89/SCH/45/10-11
Photograph, 1927-1934. D/EX2394/3; 89/SCH/2/26
Punishment Book, 1951-1989. 89/SCH/45/9

Norcot Nursery, Lyndhurst Road
Admission Register, 1942-1975. C/ER70/1
Log Book, 1947-1977. 89/SCH/12/1
Minutes, 1976-1985. 88/ED/124; 89/SCH/12/2
Other records, 1947-1977. D/P132/8A/37; 89/SCH/12/1A

Park Lane Primary (previously Park Lane Council), School Road
Admission Register, 1890-1974. 88/SCH/35/3-7
Log Book, 1890-1926. 88/SCH/35/1-2
Minutes, 1973-1982. 88/ED/52, 104
Photograph, 1934. 89/SCH/2/26

Prospect Technology College (previously Prospect Comprehensive, Stoneham Secondary Modern), Honey End Lane (previously Cockney Hill)
Minutes, 1955-1985. 86/ED/81, 86
Other records, 1978-1986. 86/ED/4, 74-75

Ranikhet Academy (formerly Ranikhet Infant and Junior), Spey Road
Admission Register, 1970-2007. SCH47/11/1-5
Minutes, 1973-1986. 88/ED/111-112

Further information

Church of England schools The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU Tel: 020 7898 1400 Email: 

Nonconformist schools Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA Email: 

Diocesan records To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 

Current local authority schools in Reading Borough are administered by: Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2LU Tel: 0118 937 37 87