Slough Schools Guide

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Using this Guide

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the Slough area. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available. The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue. Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results. If you would like to visit the office to carry out your research, please make an appointment. Please see also our Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

At CBS means the documents are at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies and are not held at BRO.

Note on Closure Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff.


George Green Infants, Langley Marish
Log Book, 1874-1961. E/123/LB5-6 At CBS

Langley College of Further Education
Minutes, 1975-1981. 85/ED/37-38
Minutes, 1975-1977. 83/ED/9
Other records, 1979-1981. 85/ED/44

Langley County Secondary
Minutes, 1978-1981. 84/ED/12
Minutes, 1982. 84/ED/13
Manager Minutes, 1974-1977. C/EM219

Langley Grammar
Minutes, 1974-1977. C/EM218
Minutes, 1978-1986. 85/ED/11; 86/ED/125

Langley Marish Central Mixed previously Langley Marish Central Board
Log Book, 1874-1954. E/123/LB/1-4 At CBS

Langleywood County Secondary
Minutes, 1982-1986. 86/ED/126


Baylis Court County Girls’ Secondary
Admission Register , 1933-1952. 85/SCH/1/1-3
Other records, 1943-1952. 85/SCH/1/1/4-5
Minutes, 1975-1986. 88/ED/26, 81

Baylis Court Nursery
Minutes, 1976-1986. 86/ED/123

Birchfield Special
Minutes, 1974-1982. 86/ED/33

Plans, 1881. S/SB2/263

British Orphan Asylum
Plans, 1883. S/SB2/379

Britwell County Primary
Minutes, 1974-1975. C/EM154

Castleview County Combined
Minutes, 1976-1985. 88/ED/56

Chalvey County First
Other records, 1980-1985. 88/ED/118

Cippenham CE
Log Book, 1897-1932. E/189/LB1-2 At CBS
Other records, 1935-1936. S/SB2/4480

Cippenham Council
Plans, 1946. S/SB2/6837

Cippenham County First
Plans, 1931-1971. 89/SCH/27/10-13
Log Book, 1937-1983. 89/SCH/27/1-3
Minutes, 1976-1986. 89/ED/19
Other records, 1960s-1985. 89/SCH/27/5-9
Photograph, 1938-1985. 89/SCH/27/4-9

Cippenham Nursery
Minutes, 1976-1986. 88/ED/149

Elementary Council
Plans, 1907. S/SB2/1378

Elliman Avenue Council
Plans, 1946. S/SB2/6993

Evelyn Fox Special
Minutes, 1974-1983. 88/ED/82
Other records, 1976-1980. 86/ED/24

Godolphin County First previously Farnham Council
Log Book, 1928-1981. 89/SCH/25/1
Minutes, 1976-1986. 82/ED/3; 88/ED/125
Other records, 1976-1982. 82/ED/10

Godolphin Middle previously Farnham Council
Admission Register, 1965-1970. 89/SCH/32/2
Log Book, 1946-1979. 89/SCH/32/1
Minutes, 1976-1986. 82/ED/2; 88/ED/136
Other records, 1975-1982. 82/ED/9

Halidon House
Other records, 1929-1931. S/SB2/2640; S/SB3/20

Haymill County Secondary
Minutes, 1974-1982. C/EM200; 83/ED/5; 83/ED/6 combined with Warren Field

Herschel High
Minutes, 1974-1977. C/EM216
Minutes, 1977-1982. 85/ED/10
Minutes, 1982-1986. 86/ED/127

Herschel Street
Plans, 1888. S/SB2/452

Holmewood County Secondary
Minutes, 1974-1977. C/EM217
Minutes, 1978-1981. 84/ED/11
Minutes, 1982. 84/ED/13

Holy Family RC First
Admission Register, 1968-1987. 89/SCH/34/3-4
Log Book, 1968-1987. 89/SCH/34/1-2
Other records, 1985. 89/SCH/34/5

Holy Family RC Middle
Admission Register, 1962-1987. 89/SCH/34/7-9
Log Book, 1962-1980. 89/SCH/34/6
Other records, 1962-1980s. 89/SCH/34/12
Photograph, n.d., 20C. 89/SCH/34/10, 11

James Elliman County First previously James Elliman County Combined
Minutes, 1976-1981. 88/ED/15, 37

James Elliman Count Middle previously Slough and Chalvey British
Log Book, 1877-1964. C/EL123/1; C/EL124/1
Minutes, 1903-1913. 92/SCH/8
Minutes, 1977-1981. 88/ED/16

Junior Technical
Plans, 1944. S/SB2/6517

Langley Hall
Plans, 1931. S/SB2/3069

Lea First
Minutes, 1976-1984. 86/ED/56
Other records, 1979-1985. 86/ED/51

Lea Middle
Minutes, 1976-1984. 86/ED/57
Other records, 1978-1985. 86/ED/52

Lea Nursery
Minutes, 1976-1986. 86/ED/128

Littledown Special
Managers, 1986. 88/ED/143

Lynch Hill County Combined previously Lynch Hill
Log Book, 1957-1989. 96/SCH/6/1-3
Minutes, 1976-1986. 88/ED/39, 133, 134

County First and Lynch Hill County Middle
Other records, 1976-1978. 85/ED/5, 6

Lynch Hill Schools Combined Steering Group
Minutes, 1986. 88/ED/133

Manual and Cookery Instruction Centre
Plans, 1908. S/SB2/1415, 1447

Marish County First
Minutes, 1976-1983. 88/ED/17
Other records, 1982-1988. 89/ED/67

Marish County Middle
Minutes, 1976-1977. 88/ED/18

Montem County First
Admission Register, 1954-1961. 84/SCH/2/1
Minutes, 1976-1985. 89/ED/60

Montem Primary
Admission Register, 1958-1964. 84/SCH/2/2

Orchard County Secondary
Minutes, 1974-1987. C/EM220; 85/ED/9; 86/ED/124; 88/ED/85

Parlaunt Park First
Minutes, 1976-1986. 89/ED/46, 48

Parlaunt Park Middle
Minutes, 1976-1986. 89/ED/47, 49

Priory County First
Minutes, 1976-1985. 86/ED/2; 88/ED/67-68

Priory County Middle
Minutes, 1976-1985. 86/ED/3; 88/ED/69-70

Ryvers County First
Minutes, 1976-1986. 88/ED/71

Ryvers County Middle Senior Mixed
Log Book, 1956-1977. 89/SCH/26/1
Minutes, 1976-1985. 88/ED/72, 73
Photograph, 1956-1985. 89/SCH/26/2
Plans, 1903. S/SB2/1099

Slough and Eton Secondary Modern
Minutes, 1911-1936. E/189/MB/1-3 At CBS
Minutes, 1974-1985. 88/ED/86; 89/ED/17
Other records, 1961-1985. 86/ED/13; 89/ED/18

Slough Boys National
Plans, 1887. S/SB2/437

Slough Centre Nursery
Admission Register, 1962-1990. 93/SCH/1/3, 4
Log Book, 1937-1991. 93/SCH/1/1-2
Other records, 1937-1958. 93/SCH/1/5

Slough College of Higher Education
Minutes, 1974-1981. 83/ED/11-12; 85/ED/50
Other records, 1979-1981. 85/ED/47

Slough Girls and Infants National Elementary
Plans, 1939. S/SB2/5860

Slough Girls National
Plans, 1887. S/SB2/437

Slough Grammar
Other records, 1965-1980. 86/ED/12

Slough High
Minutes, 1974-1981. 86/ED/26
Other records, 1972-1980. 86/ED/19

Slough Secondary
Plans, 1910-1914. S/SB2/1527, 1678

Slough Technical Education Classes
Log Book, 1894-1900. E/189A/LB/1 At CBS

St Bernard’s Convent
Plans, 1931. S/SB2/3061

St Ethelbert’s
Plans, 1889-1938. S/SB2/481, 684-685, 2511, 5509

St Joseph’s
Plans, 1932. S/SB2/3315

St Joseph’s RC Secondary
Plans, 1939. S/SB2/5857

Thomas Gray County Combined Primary previously Thomas Gray Primary, Stoke Road Council
Admission Register, 1896-1981. 89/SCH/28/9-19
Plans, 1904-1968. 89/SCH/17/1/1-5; 89/SCH/17/2-5; S/SB2/1183, 1631
Log Book, 1896-1977. 89/SCH/28/1-8
Minutes, 1976-1977. C/EM155
Other records, 1900-1968. 89/SCH/28/20-22
Photograph, 1930s-1960s. 89/SCH/28/23

Thomas Gray Language Centre
Log Book, 1977-1983. 87/SCH/1/1
Minutes, 1977-1983. 87/ED/3

Thomas Gray Special
Other records, 1981-1983. 86/ED/11

Warren Field Secondary
Minutes, 1974-1982. 83/ED/6, combined with Haymill County Secondary
Other records, 1974-1980. 86/ED/18

Western House County First
Log Book, 1950-1986. 90/SCH/8/1
Minutes, 1976-1982. 88/ED/88

Westgate Secondary
Admission Register, 1958-1966. C/ER72/1-2

Wexham Court County First
Admission Register, 1956-1966. 89/SCH/33/1-2
Minutes, 1976-1985. 89/ED/9, 76
Other records, 1956-1958. 89/SCH/33/3-5

Wexham Court Middle previously Wexham Court Junior
Admission Register, 1957-1972. 87/SCH/4/3-5
Log Book, 1957-1988. 87/SCH/4/1-2; 92/SCH/2/1
Minutes, 1974-1985. C/EM201; 88/ED/77; 89/ED/8
Photograph, 1958-1966. D/EX1585/1/1-7; 91/SCH/4/1-21
Punishment Book, 1957-1985. 87/SCH/4/6
Other records, 1957-1986. 87/SCH/4/7-25; 92/SCH/2/2/1-4

Wexham School Liaison Panel
Minutes, 1986-1987. 88/ED/110

William Penn First previously Manor Park Council Infant Department
Log Book, 1937-1974. 89/SCH/29/1
Photograph, 1983-1984. 87/SCH/30/1

William Penn Nursery
Minutes, 1976-1982. 88/ED/51

Woodside County Secondary
Log Book, 1961-1987. 89/SCH/49/1
Minutes, 1974-1987. 89/ED/20


Chalvey County First
Other records, 1980-1985. 88/ED/118

Chalvey National Mixed and Infants previously Chalvey National Boy’s and Girls’ Schools and Chalvey Infants
Log Book, 1868-1952. E/37/LB/1-9 At CBS

Upton CE
Plans, 1886-1888. S/SB2/412, 412A, 456

Further information

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies County Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 1UA Tel: 01296 382587 Email: 

Church of England schools

The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU Tel: 020 7898 1400 Email: 

Nonconformist schools Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA Email: 

Diocesan records To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 

Current local authority schools in Slough and district are administered by: Slough Borough Council, Landmark Place, High Street, Slough, SL1 3UQ Tel: 01753 475111 

Please contact them if you cannot find the school you need in this guide.