Wokingham Schools Guide

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Using this Guide

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the Wokingham area. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available. The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue. Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results. If you would like to visit the office to carry out research, please make an appointment. Please see our Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

Note on Closure Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff. 


Arborfield, Newland and Barkham CE Junior (Previously Arborfield, Newland and Barkham CE Primary, Arborfield CE, Arborfield and Barkham National)
Plans, 1910-1960. C/AR/P4/6; C/CL/L2/287,749; E4/3
Log Book, 1892-1971. 84/SCH/1/1-3
Other records, 1871-1969. D/EX17/6/T5; C/CL/E4/3; E4/135/1/3

The Coombes County Infant School (Previously Arborfield County Infant School)
Minutes, 1971-1982. C/EM132; 88/ED/30
Other records, 1968. C/CL/E4/135/1/2


Aldryngton County Primary (Previously Maiden Erlegh Primary, Maiden Erleigh Junior)
Plans, 1959-1963. C/AR/P4/48; C/CL/L2/897
Minutes, 1964-1984. C/EM138; 89/ED/40-42
Other records, 1947-1975. C/CL/E4/29/1-7; E4/135/11/1

Earley Grammar (Never built)
Plans, 1960-1962. C/AR/P3/56; C/CL/L2/853A-B

Hawkedon County Primary Maiden Erleigh Secondary (Previously Maiden Erleigh Secondary Modern)
Other records, 1972-1973. C/CL/E4/32; E116/1
Plans, 1959-1966. C/AR/P3/15-17; C/CL/L2/762-763, 998,1030
Minutes, 1961-1986. C/EM150, 197; 86/ED/90
Other records, 1955-1975. C/CL/E1/5/11; E4/29/1-7

Maiden Erlegh School for Boys (Previously Courtenay Lodge, Sutton Courtenay)
Other records, 1930s-1950s. D/EX1914/11-12; D/EX2479/1/4-5; D/EX2541/2
Photograph, 1932-1960. D/EX1914/2-10; D/EX1723/1

Radstock County Primary
Minutes, 1982-1985. 89/ED/30
Other records, 1970-1974. C/CL/E4/31/1-3

St Peter’s CE Primary (Previously Earley CE, Earley National)
Plans, 1949. C/AR/P4/45
Log Book, 1863-1988. SCH36/8/1-7
Other records, 1903-1973. C/CL/E4/30

Whiteknights County Primary (Previously Elm Road Infant, Earley County Infant)
Plans, 1954-1959. C/AR/P4/46; C/CL/L2/549,704
Minutes, 1956-1975. C/EM139


Finchampstead CE Primary (Previously Finchampstead Free, Finchampstead Elementary)
Admission Register, 1945-1962. 88/SCH/46/1
Plans, 1904-1956. C/AR/P4/55
Log Book, 1886-1974. C/EL44/1; D/P56/28/10; C/EL44/2
Minutes, 1871-1877, 1885-1961. C/EM31/1; D/P56/28/5-6; C/EM31/2
Photograph, c.1900-1978. 88/SCH/46/4-8; D/EX665/2/1-2
Punishment Book, 1905-1952. 88/SCH/46/2
Other records, 1871-1980. C/EZ3-4; 88/SCH/46/2A, 3A, 9-12; C/CL/E4/135/4/3

Gorse Ride County Junior
Minutes, 1973-1981. 88/SCH/47/6
Other records, 1971-1982. 88/SCH/47/1-5

Gorse Ride County Primary
Minutes, 1971-1975. C/EM140

Nine Mile Ride County Primary (Previously Nine Mile Ride Council)
Plans, early 20C-1967. C/AR/P4/54; C/CL/L2/292, 345, 680, 939, 1006, 1064
Minutes, 1931-1982. 83/ED/29; C/EM141; 83/ED/40
Other records, 1951-1966. C/CL/E4/135/4/4-5

Finchampstead Village School
Other records, 1911. D/EX208/B4/4


Grazeley CE Primary (Previously Grazeley Parochial, Grazeley School, Grazeley National)
Plans, 1912-1947. C/AR/P4/59
Photograph, n.d.. C/EC1/46
Other records, 1903-1972. C/CL/E4/37; D/P110/25/31


St Nicholas’ CE Primary (Previously Hurst CE, Hurst National, Hurst and Ruscombe National)
Admission Register, 1894-1987. 88/SCH/39/1-7
Plans, 1888-1968. D/EX268/30; D/P73/28/44-45; C/AR/P4/69-70; C/CL2/600
Log Book, 1863-1949. D/P73/28/21-28
Minutes, 1890-1980. D/P73/28/29-30; 88/SCH/39/10
Photograph, 1946-1955. 88/SCH/39/12-14
Punishment Book, 1924-1946. 88/SCH/39/8
Other records, 1818-1984. D/P73/28/20, 31-43; D/P142/28/7; C/EZ49/1-3; 88/SCH/39/9, 11, 11A


Remenham CE (Previously Remenham National)
Plans, 1904-1912. D/P99/28/6/1; C/AR/P4/98
Log Book, 1871-1906. D/P99/28/1
Minutes, 1892-1929. D/P99/28/3
Other records, 1873-1961. D/P99/28/2, 4-6; C/CL/E4/135/7/3


Ruscombe CE School
Other records, (1874)-1995. D/P73B/8A/38-39


Hyde End Council
Other records, 1908-1912. C/CL/G1/25/18; 26/3

Ryeish Green County Secondary (Previously Three Mile Cross Modern Secondary, Three Mile Cross Council, Three Mile Cross County Primary)
Admission Register, 1948-1994. SCH23/11/1-6
Plans, 1909-1989. C/CL/L2/29; C/AR/P3/41; C/CL/L2/656, 843; SCH23/6/3
Minutes, 1910-1948, 1964-2010. C/EM17/1-3; 153; 88/ED/28; SCH23/1/1-18
Other records, 1910-2010. SCH23; C/CL/E4/73
Photograph, n.d.. C/EC1/45
Punishment Book, 1910-1985. SCH23/12/1-2

Shinfield CE Junior (Previously Shinfield CE Primary,Shinfield Free, Piggotts Charity)
Admission Register, 1924-1970. 88/SCH/48/5-8
Plans, 1905-1967. C/AR/P4/101; C/CL/L2/555, 752
Log Book, 1873-1976. 88/SCH/48/1-4
Minutes, 1809-1949. D/P110/25/1-2; 25/15/1-2
Photograph, 1908-1980s. 88/SCH/48/17-43
Punishment Book, 1923-1958. 88/SCH/48/9
Other records, 1600-2007. D/P110/25/1-4, 6-11,16-26; D/QX4/1; 88/SCH/48/10-16; R/D150/4/9; D/EX2698/1/1

Shinfield County Infant (Previously part of Shinfield Primary)
Plans, 1905-1967. C/AR/P4/102
Minutes, 1977-1986. 88/ED/21; 89/ED/57/1-2

Spencers Wood CE (Previously Spencers Wood Infant)
Log Book, 1890-1915. C/EL20
Other records, 1903-1973. C/CL/E4/74/1-3

Spencers Wood Domestic Science Centre
Log Book, 1941-1946. SCH26/8/1


Sonning CE Primary (Previously Sonning National)
Admission Register, 1865-1968. 89/SCH/1/7-10
Plans, 1905-1992. C/AR/P4/104; C/CL/E4/75/2; 2000/SCH/1/7
Log Book, 1883-1963. 89/SCH/1/1-6; C/EL19
Minutes, 1900-1919, 1963-1997. D/P113/28/19; 89/SCH/1/14-15; 2000/SCH/1/1-6
Photograph, n.d.. C/EC1/48-49
Punishment Book, 1902-1953. 89/SCH/1/11
Other records, 1903-1988. C/CL/E4/75/1; 89/SCH/1/2A,12-13,14A,16-19


Farley Hill County Primary (Previously Farley Hill Council)
Admission Register, 1925-1985. 88/SCH/45/3; 92/SCH/1/1
Plans, 1920-1963. C/AR/P4/114; C/CL/L2/125,590, 917
Log Book, 1925-1994. 88/SCH/45/1-2; 98/SCH/2/1-2
Minutes, 1926-1985. C/EM110,156; 86/ED/110
Punishment Book, 1925-1981. 88/SCH/45/4
Other records, 1920-1986. C/CL/E4/135/7/16; C/CL/E4/80; C/CL/G1/25/48; 88/SCH/45/1A,2A, 5; 98/SCH/2/3

Hephaistos Special
Minutes, 1967-1978. C/EM245
Other records, 1965-1973. C/CL/E3/3/5-6

Lambs Lane County Primary (Previously Lambs Lane Council, Swallowfield Council)
Admission Register, 1908-1916. SCH19/11/1
Plans, 1907-1966. C/CL/L2/8, 936, 1024; C/AR/P4/115
Minutes, 1908-1939, 1969-1975. C/EM18/1-3; 157
Other records, 1907-1967. C/CL/ G1/25/9; 26/1; C/CL/E4/81
Photograph, n.d.. C/EC1/47

Riseley Common CE (Previously Swallowfield CE, Riseley Common National)
Plans, 1854. D/EX268/47
Log Book, 1873-1969. C/EL99/1-4
Minutes, 1903-1970. C/EM69
Other records, 1854-1970. D/P129/28/5-7; C/CL/E4/135/7/17; D/EY/B20

Riseley School
Other records, 1896. D/EY/B20

Sir Charles Russell’s CE
Admission Register, 1873-1908. SCH17/11/1-2
Other records, 1896-1904; 1903-1906. D/EY/B20; C/CL/E4/82
Photograph, 1894-1902. D/EX681/2-3

Swallowfield Park School (Previously Park School)
Plans, 1893-1904. D/EY/B20
Other records, 1895-1896. D/EY/B20


Polehampton CE Infants (Previously Polehampton Girls and Infants)
Plans, 1966. C/CL/L2/1034
Minutes, 1887-1983. D/QX42/1/1-2; 6/1-6
Other records, 1910-1987. D/QX42/6/7, 10; 88/SCH/56/1

Polehampton County Junior (Previously Twford County County Junior, Polehampton Boys, Polehampton Charity)
Plans, 1905-1958. C/AR/P4/120-121; C/CL/L2/922, 955
Minutes, 1887-1982. D/QX42/1/1-2; 6/1-6; C/EM159, 257; 88/ED/113
Other records, 1910-1974. D/QX42/6/7-9; C/CL/E4/89
Photograph, n.d.. C/EC1/54

The Colleton Primary (Previously Twyford County Primary)
Minutes, 1973-1986. C/EM 158, 257; 83/ED/7; 86/ED/23, 69; 88/ED/22
Photograph, 1979-1987. 88/SCH/54/2-56
Other records, 1973-1986. 88/SCH/54/1


Crazies Hill CE Controlled Primary (Previously Crazies Hill National)
Plans, c.1850, 1960-1961. D/EX268/52; C/CL/L2/824
Minutes, 1903-1915. D/P145/25/8
Other records, 1859-1889, 1966-1985. D/P145/25/5, 7; D/P145/28/3, 37-41

Hare Hatch
Other records, 1859-1873. D/P145/25/5

Reading and Wokingham District [workhouse school]
Minutes, 1850-1902. G/R1/11-45 in minutes of Reading Board of Guardians
Other records, 1849-1856. CPC145/19/4; D/EX1461/1

The Piggott CE Infant (Previously Piggott National Infant)
Plans, 1962. C/CL/L2/865
Log Book, 1901-1947. 88/SCH/36/1
Other records, 1966-1979. D/P145/28/37-40
Punishment Book, 1927-1958. 88/SCH/36/2

The Piggott CE Junior (Previously Piggott’s National, Piggotts Charity and Wargrave National)
Admission Register, 1921-1991. 97/SCH/3/4-6
Plans, 1898-1959. 97/SCH/3/8; C/AR/P4/133
Log Book, 1863-2000. 88/SCH/37/1-7; 97/SCH/3/1-3; 2001/SCH/2/1-2
Minutes, 1799-1855, 1899-1982. D/P145/25/11, 13
Punishment Book, 1921-1950. 88/SCH/37/8
Other records, 1815-1979. D/P145/25/5, 7; D/P145/28/2, 4, 6, 37-40, 42; 88/SCH/37/2A, 4A, 5A; 97/SCH/3/7

The Piggott CE Controlled (Previously Piggott C E Secondary Modern, Piggott CE Senior)
Plans, 1938-1967. C/AR/P3/48; C/CL2/586, 687
Minutes, 1940-1979. D/P145/28/28
Other records, 1940-1959, 1983-1995. D/P145/25/13; D/P145/28/29-36
Photograph, 1939. D/P145/28/17


Bearwood County Primary (Previously Bearwood Council, Bearwood St Catherine’s CE, St Catherine’s National)
Plans, 1925-1930, 1964-1965. C/AR/P4/152; C/CL/L2/140, 979, 1009
Log Book, 1884-1920. 89/SCH/39/1-6
Minutes, 1926-1938, 1947-1978. C/EM33; 165/1-2; 88/ED/29
Other records, 1903-1975. C/CL/E4/116/1-3; 89/SCH/4A, 5A

The Forest (Previously The Forest Boys Grammar, Woodley Hill County Boys Grammar [on site in Earley])
Plans, 1959-1962. C/CL/L2/813, 873
Minutes, 1949-1985. C/EM116/1-2; 166; 247; 89/ED/14

Royal Merchant Navy School (Previously Merchant Seaman’s Orphan Asylum, Royal Merchant Seaman’s Orphanage)
Admission Register, 1828-1967. D/EX2363/C1/1-3
Log Book, 1911-1966. D/EX2363/B2/1-10
Minutes, 1827-1983. D/EX2363/A1/1-6
Photograph, n.d. [c.1920-1955]. D/EX2363/C6/4/1-4, D4/1/1-2, F2/1, 5, F3/1-2, F8, G1/1-17, G8/8
Other records, 1832-2014. D/EX2363/A2-3, B1, 3-4, C1/4-7, C2-8, E1-9, F1-12, G2-9

Winnersh County Primary
Plans, 1968-1970. C/CL/E4/118
Minutes, 1970-1975, 1994-2010. C/EM167; SCH48/1/1-8
Other records, 1994-2010. SCH48/3/1, 6/1, 18/1-6

Winnersh Grammar School for Boys
Plans, 1954-1958. C/CL/L2/520,565,630,632; C/CL/E4/117/2
Other records, 1953-1958. C/CL/E4/117/1


Emmbrook County Infants (Previously Emmbrook County)
Admission Register, 1968-1980. 88/SCH/44/2
Log Book, 1968-1980. 88/SCH/44/1
Minutes, 1976-1985. C/EM208; 89/ED/10
Photograph, 1990-2007. D/EX2698/1/1

Emmbrook County Junior (Previously Emmbrook County Primary)
Plans, 1963. C/AR/P4/155
Minutes, 1965-1986. C/EM170, 207; 88/ED/130
Photograph, 1990-2007. D/EX2698/1/1

Holme Grange
Photograph, 1975. D/EX573/440

Keep Hatch County Primary (Previously Keep Hatch County Infant)
Plans, 1958-1959. C/CL/E4/122/2
Minutes, 1961-1975. C/EM172
Other records, 1957-1973. C/CL/E4/122/1, 3

Luckley House
Other records, 1877-1965. D/ESE/T14/1

(Previously Luckley School)
Photograph, 1975. D/EX573/118

Ludgrove School (Previously Wixenford School)
Photograph, 1926-1934, 1978. D/EX573/567; 1883/1

Maiden School of Charity
Other records, 1628-1822. D/EX67

Manual Instruction and Cookery Centre
Plans, 1911. C/CL/L2/53
Other records, 1911. C/CL/G1/25/29

Presentation Convent
Photograph, 1905-2010. D/EX1293/1; 2423/1

St Crispin’s School (Previously Wokingham Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1950-1961. C/AR/P3/53-54; C/CL/L2/667, 803; C/CL/E4/121/3
Minutes, 1952-1980. C/EM258/1-2; 168; 258/3
Other records, 1945-1959. C/CL/E4/121/1-2, 4
Photograph, n.d. [c.1970]. D/EX573/112

St Paul’s CE Junior (Previously St Paul’s Primary, St Paul’s National)
Plans, 1965-1966. C/CL/E4/119/2; C/CL/L2/1022
Minutes, 1903-1983. D/P154B/28/2-3
Other records, 1860s-1984. CPC154/18/1; D/P154B/4-11; C/CL/E4/119/1; D/EX208/B4/3

The Emmbrook School (Previously Emmbrook County Secondary)
Plans, 1961-1963. C/CL/L2/893
Minutes, 1964-1975. C/EM169

The Hawthorns County Primary (Previously Woosehill County Primary)
Plans, 1990s. SCH42/6/1

Minutes, 1981-1997. 88/ED/148; SCH42/1/1-6; 9/1
Other records, 1987-1997. SCH42/5/1; 7/1-2; 13/1; 14/1; 17/1; 18/1-2

The Holt (Previously The Holt County Girls, Holt County Girls Grammar, Wokingham County Girls Grammar, Wokingham County Girls)
Plans, 1930-1966. C/CL/L2/164, 194, 378, 599, 722, 746, 773-774, 808, 849, 1046; C/AR/P3/52; C/CL/E4/120/4
Minutes, 1930-1949, 1961-1982. C/EM28/1-3; 171/1-2; 248; 88/ED/36
Other records, 1929-1972. C/CL/E4/120/1-3, 5-6
Photograph, n.d. [c.1958]. D/EX573/97

The Palmer CE Infants (Previously Wokingham National)
Minutes, 1829-1842. D/EXZ110/6/1

The Palmer CE Junior (Previously Palmer County Junior, Palmer CE, The Palmer CE, Martha Palmer Charity)
Admission Register, 1902-1977. 88/SCH/49/4-14
Plans, 1874-1946. D/P154/25/3; C/CL/L2/325
Log Book, 1873-1978. 88/SCH/49/1-3
Minutes, 1875-1988. D/P154/25/4; C/EM185; 82/ED/37; 88/ED/66; 89/ED/99; 92/SCH/5/1
Photograph, 1930s-1983. 97/SCH/5/2-6; D/EX573/435, 552-554, 622
Punishment Book, 1910-1975. 88/SCH/49/15
Other records, 1863-1994. 97/SCH/5/1, 7-8; D/P154/25/5-6; C/CL/E4/122/1; 88/ED/94; 88/SCH/49/3A, 16-20

The White House (Previously Grosvenor House)
Other records, 1785-2012. D/EX2314
Photograph, 1926-1930s, 1981-2000s. D/EX2584/1/1/1-2; D/EX573/607; 2314/4/1-2

Walter Infant and Nursery (Previously Walter County Infant, St Paul’s CE Infant, St Paul’s National Infant)
Plans, 1953, n.d.. C/AR/P4/156
Minutes, 1967-1985. C/EM173; 88/ED/49, 129
Other records, 1972-1974. C/CL/E4/119/1
Photograph, 1980. D/EX573/625

Wescott Road County Infants (Previously Wescott Road County Primary, Wescott Road Council, Wokingham Elementary or Council)
Plans, 1905-1958. C/CL/L2/5; C/AR/P4/154 C/CL/L2/655
Log Book, 1906-1987. C/EL87; 90/SCH/7/1-4
Minutes, 1906-1983. C/EM27/1-2; 174-175; 85/ED/15; 89/ED/95
Photograph, 20C. C/EC1/63; D/EX573/419, 610
Punishment Book, 1906-1967. 90/SCH/7/5-6
Other records, 1922-1940, 1970. C/EZ34; C/CL/E4/135/10/4

Westende County Junior
Minutes, 1957-1983. C/EM175; 85/ED/22; 89/ED/95

West Mead Special
Minutes, 1953-1984. C/EM117; 88/ED/152

Whitelocke County Infants (Previously Wokingham County Infant)
Minutes, 1973-1983. C/EM186; 88/ED/23; 89/ED/93

Wokingham British (Previously Wokingham Baptist)
Plans, 1886. WO/Z3/9

Wokingham Institute of Further Education
Plans, 1951-1953. C/AR/P2/15

Wokingham PT Centre
Other records, 1904-1916. C/TR/E12/1

Woosehill County Primary
Minutes, 1981-1986. 88/ED/148

Wokingham Without

Hatch Ride County Primary (Previously Bigshotte County Primary)
Plans, 1970-1971. C/CL/E4/125
Minutes, 1973-1979. C/EM176, 209

Oaklands County Junior (Previously Oaklands County Primary)
Minutes, 1963-1975. C/EM177

St Sebastian’s CE Primary (Previously St Sebastian’s National)
Plans, 1872-1954. D/P154C/28/6-7; C/CL2/317
Other records, 1903-1974. C/CL/E4/123

The Forest CE Primary (Previously Forest CE, Forest Road CE)
Admission Register, 1895-1955. C/ER7
Log Book, 1927-1962. C/EL61
Punishment Book, 1907-1958. C/EZ11
Other records, 1869-1962. D/P154/28/19-20; C/CL/E4/124


Addington Special (Previously Addington ESN)
Minutes, 1971-1975, 1982-1988. C/EM178; 88/ED/142; 89/ED/79

Beechwood County Primary (Previously Beechwood County Infant and Junior)
Plans, 1960-1963. C/CL/E4/132/2-3
Minutes, 1972-1986. C/EM182; 86/ED/107-108; 88/ED/54-55; 89/ED/58
Other records, 1960-1964. C/CL/E4/132/1; D/EX2733/2/8-9

Bulmershe College of Higher Education (Previously Bulmershe Teacher Training College)
Plans, 1959-1964. C/CL/E4/128/2; C/CL/L2/924A-B, 962
Minutes, 1963-1981. C/EM119; 83/ED/10; 85/ED/43
Other records, 1963-1969. C/CL/E3/2/1-4

Highwood Primary (Previously William Gray County Infant and Junior, Bulmershe County)
Admission Register, 1968-1980. 88/SCH/40/3
Plans, 1963-1967. C/CL/E4/130; C/AR/P4/157; C/CL/L2/1048, 1071
Log Book, 1968-1986. 88/SCH/40/1-2; 41/1-3
Minutes, 1967-1982. C/EM183; 83/ED/38-39
Punishment Book, 1975-1976. 88/SCH/40/4-5
Other records, 1973-1979. 88/SCH/40/2A

Rivermead County Primary (Previously Rivermead County Infant and Junior, Woodley County Secondary)
Plans, 1961-1962. C/CL/E4/127/2
Minutes, 1973-1982. 83/ED/33- 35, 45
Other records, 1934-1972. C/CL/E4/127/1

St Dominic’s RC Junior (Previously St Dominic’s RC Primary)
Other records, 1972. C/CL/E4/135/11/12

South Lake County Primary (Previously South Lake County Infant and Junior)
Plans, 1959-1965. C/AR/P4/159; C/CL/L2/857, 957, 973
Minutes, 1963-1986. 88/ED/44-46; 86/ED/70; 88/ED/87
Other records, 1964. C/CL/E4/135/11/5-6

The Loddon County Infant and Junior (Previously The Loddon County, Loddon County Primary, Woodley Junior, Earley Junior, Loddon County Infants and Primary)
Admission Register, 1950-1979. 89/SCH/4/1-2
Plans, 1945-1948; 1965-1967. C/AR/P4/47; C/CL/L2/1062
Minutes, 1949-1985. C/EM179/1-2; 89/ED/11-12; 89/SCH/4/3

The Bulmershe (Previously The Bulmershe Comprehensive, Bulmershe Grammar, Woodley County Grammar, Earley County Grammar)
Plans, 1958-1972. C/CL/E2/4/13; E4/128/2; E4/129; C/AR/P3/55
Minutes, 1964-1986. C/EM149, 210; 88/ED/32; 86/ED/84
Other records, 1958-1973. C/CL/E2/4/12; C/CL/E4/128/1; C/CL/E4/135/11/10

Waingels Copse Secondary (Previously Woodley County Secondary Modern, Woodley Council, Woodley County)
Plans, 1938-1940. C/CL/L2/256,286
Minutes, 1953-1983. C/EM118/1-2; 181, 211; 88/ED/74
Other records, 1965-1971. C/CL/E4/129; E4/131/1-2; E4/135/11/11

Willow Bank Primary (Previously Willow Bank Infant and Junior, Willow Bank County Primary, Duffield Road County Primary)
Plans, 1970. C/AR/P4/160
Log Book, 1970-1986. 88/SCH/38/1-2; 89/SCH/3/1
Minutes, 1970-1986. 89/ED/33; 88/ED/146, 153
Other records, 1963-1965. C/CL/E4/133/1-3
Photograph, 1973-1985. 88/SCH/38/3-11

Woodley CE Primary (Previously Woodley and Sandford National)
Admission Register, 1890-1969. 87/SCH/3/1-7
Plans, 1949-1958. C/AR/P4/158; C/CL/L2/664; D/EX2733/2/8-9
Minutes, 1903-1949. D/P196/28/9-11
Other records, 1890-1994. D/P196/28/2, 12-15; D/EX2733/2/1-7,10-15

Woodley Hill House (Previously Woodley Hill Further Education College, Woodley Hill Grammar, East Berkshire Boys’ Grammar)
Plans, 1946-1949. C/CL/E4/28/2; C/AR/P2/2
Other records, 1945-1969. C/CL/E4/28/1

Woodley Nursery (Previously Woodley Wartime Nursery)
Plans, 1948. C/AR/P5/8-9
Minutes, 1948-1975. C/EM/180/1-2
Other records, 1944-1960. C/CL/E3/4/9

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Church of England schools The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU Tel: 020 7898 1400 Email: archives@churchofengland.org www.lambethpalacelibrary.org 

Nonconformist schools Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA Email: bfss.archive@brunel.ac.uk www.bfss.org.uk 

Diocesan records To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 www.nationalarchives.org.uk 

Current local authority schools in Wokingham Borough are administered by: Wokingham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1BN Tel: 0118 974 6000 www.wokingham.gov.uk 

Please contact them if you cannot find the school you need in this guide.