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Welcome Back!

Posted in News on 17 Aug 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters

Welcome back!

It’s been 157 days since we last had visitors in the office.  That’s 157 days of waiting and disruption.  We are delighted it is over and that we can see you all again.

We welcome you back to a somewhat austere Berkshire Record Office.  Like other leisure experiences, being here will be slower and more involved than it was before lockdown.  We are sorry about that.  We have tried to strike a balance between the imperative of public health and wanting people to enjoy their time with us.  You can tell us if we have it right.

Do remember to book your visit, otherwise we you can't let you in. See our Planning a Visit page to find out how.

Please do bear with us as we may be slower to respond due to having fewer staff onsite.

We very much want you to feel safe while you are in the building.  That is our prime objective.  Safety explains the limit in numbers, the reduced resources and the increase in distances.  Beyond that, we want you once again to access all the unique and special materials that make our collections great.  There is no substitute for the real thing.

And so proper archives can now resume.  Hooray for that.  No more silent spaces.  No more sleeping strongrooms.  No more hibernation.

As we reopen, we are hugely grateful for the patience and support that you have given. The comments we received on social media, the copy requests, the written enquiries: we appreciated them all.  Thank you so much for keeping us going.  We could not have made it through those 157 days without you.

If you, or anyone at home, has COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms or is self-isolating,  please do not visit us.