Bracknell Schools Guide

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Using this Guide

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the Bracknell area. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available.

The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue.

Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results.

If you would like to visit the office to carry out research, please make an appointment. Please see our Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

Note on Closure

Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff. 


All Saints CE Primary
Admission Register, 1877-1987. D/P18/25/20-23; 90/SCH/14/2
Log Book, 1877-1982. D/P18/25/16-18
Minutes, 1903-1952. D/P18/28/26; Microfiche 00006/G
Other records, 1824-1987. C/CL/E4/8; D/P18/25/7-9, 15, 18A, 24-33; Microfiche 00006/F

St Mark’s CE Primary
Admission Register, 1921-1987. 89/SCH/47/4; 90/SCH/14/1
Plans, 1906-1915. D/P18/25/6
Log Book, 1874-1987. 89/SCH/47/1-3
Minutes, 1910-1952. D/P18/25/11; D/P18/28/26
Other records, 1884-1987. C/CL/E4/8; D/P18/25/5, 6, 12-14; 89/SCH/47/5

Wynyard Preparatory
Plans, 1945-1948. RD/E/SB8/113


Birch Hill Junior and Infant
Minutes, 1976-1986. 86/ED/97, 99
Photograph, 1990-2007. D/EX2698/1/1

Bracknell College of Further Education
Minutes, 1962-1981. 83/ED/19, 20; 85/ED/34, 42
Plans, 1961-1966. C/CL/L2/822

Bracknell County Grammar, School Lane
Plans, 1957-1965. C/CL/L2/911; 969

Bracknell County Junior Infants and Junior School, Streets Lane
Plans, 1962-1963; 1965-1966. C/CL/L2/876; C/CL/L2/1026

Brakenhale County Secondary
Minutes, 1957-1958. C/EM194

Chavey Down Infants
Other records, 1884. D/P165/28/24

Foxhill County Primary
Plans, 1957-1958. C/AR/P4/19/1-11; C/CL/L2/645/1-5; C/CL/L2/702/1-7
Minutes, 1959-1977. C/EM212

Garth Hill Secondary (previously The Garth and Wick Hill County Schools)
Plans, 1952-1953. C/AR/P3/4/1-16; C/CL/L2/490/1-12
Minutes, 1955-1978. C/EM81, 82, 195; 77/ED/8-9
Other records, 1951-1969. C/CL/E4/16

Great Hollands Infant
Minutes, 1971-1985. C/EM249; 83/ED/3, 88/ED/83

Great Hollands Junior
Minutes, 1971-1985. C/EM249; 83/ED/3, 88/ED/84

Harmans Water Primary (previously Harmans Water Infant and Junior)
Admission Register, 1964-1975. 89/SCH/38/2
Plans, 1963. C/CL/L2/912
Log Book, 1983-1987. 89/SCH/38/1
Minutes, 1964-1986. 82/ED/21, 88/ED/59
Other records, 1968-1988. 89/SCH/38/3

Holly Spring County Infant
Minutes, 1975-1986. 88/ED/61

Holly Spring County Junior (previously Bullbrook CP, Bracknell Council, Bracknell CE and Bracknell National)
Admission Register, 1905-1981. C/ER69/1-7; 89/SCH/22/1
Plans, c.1860-1960. C/AR/P4/20/1-17; C/CL/L2/715/1-10; C/CL/L2/742/1-6; C/EZ50/3; D/EX268/7
Log Book, 1866-1981. C/EL45/1-5; C/EL125/1-3
Minutes, 1922-1986. C/EM43, 80, 83; 83/ED/2, 4; 85/ED/12; 88/ED/61
Photograph, 19c-1981. C/EC/1/10; C/EZ50/4-11, 15, 19-24
Punishment Book, 1916-1976. C/EZ55/1
Other records, 1855-1905. C/CL/E4/11/1-2; C/EZ50/1-2, 2-14, 16-18; D/P165/28/21-23; 89/SCH/22/2

Kennel Lane Special (previously Berek Special and Braybrooke Special)
Admission Register, 1965-1985. 95/SCH/7/1; 95/SCH/8/1
Plans, 1964-1965; 1966. C/CL/L2/999; C/CL/E3/3/4
Log Book, 1981-1985. 95/SCH/7/2
Minutes, 1969-1982. 84/ED/3; 88/ED/2
Other records, 1967-1987. C/CL/E3/3/3; 89/ED/22

Meadow Vale County Primary (previously Meadow Vale Infant and Junior)
Plans, 1952. C/AR/P4/17/1-14
Log Book, 1954-1984. 89/SCH/23/1
Minutes, 1954-1982. C/EM79, 234; 77/ED/6; 88/ED/40
Other records, 1954-1988. 89/ED/27; 89/SCH/23/2-34

Priestwood County Primary (previously Priestwood Council, probably also Easthampstead Council, Priestwood Council Mixed)
Admission Register, 1966-1981. C/ER71/1
Plans, 1905-1953. C/AR/P4/50/1-3; C/CL/L2/10; C/CL/L2/498/1-10; RD/E/SB3/21; SB8/64
Log Book, 1908-1981. C/EL69, 70, 122
Minutes, 1908-1981. C/EM6/1-4; 83/ED/1
Photograph, 1910. C/EC1/26
Punishment Book, 1908-1969. C/EZ14; C/EZ/51/1
Other records, 1878-1991. C/CL/E4/14/1-2; C/CL/G1/25/11; 26/1; D/P49/28/15-42

Ranelagh Secondary (previously Ranelagh grammar, Ranelagh Foundation charity) See also Cranbourne, Cranbourne County Primary
Admission Register, 1909-1990. SCH5/11/1-8
Plans, 1942. RD/E/SB6/472
Log Book, 1936-1945. SCH/5/8/1
Minutes, 1721-1985. SCH5/1/1-5
Photograph, 1979. D/P49/28/72
Other records, c.1695-1995. D/EX2270/1; D/P151/25/45-54; D/P151/28/67; D/P165/25/1; SCH5/3/1; 4/1-9; 5/1-2; 6/1-4; 7; 18/1-8; T/F26/1

Rectory Lane Secondary
Plans, 1953-1966. C/CL/L2/541/1-7; C/CL/L2/557/1-11; C/CL/L2/940A-B; 1004

Sandy Lane County Primary
Plans, 1953-1954. C/AR/P4/18/1-12; C/CL/L2/504/1-12
Minutes, 1956-1986. C/EM80; 77/ED/7; 88/ED/5-6; 89/SCH/43/1
Other records, 1956-1987. 89/SCH/43/2-7

The Pines Infant
Minutes, 1973-1985. 88/ED/8; 89/ED/32
Other records, 1984-1987. 89/ED/25

The Pines Junior
Minutes, 1973-1982. 88/ED/8
Other records, 1984-1987. 89/ED/24

Wildridings County Primary (previously Wildridings County Junior and Infant)
Minutes, 1967-1982. 88/ED/7
Photograph, 1968. 90/SCH/6/1
Other records, 1985-1986. 89/ED/28


Cranbourne County Primary (previously Cranbourne Ranelagh CE) See also Bracknell, Ranelagh
Admission Register, 1915-1933. D/EX1979/1-2
Plans, 1923-1957. C/AR/P4/150/1-8; C/CL/L2/120/1-2; C/CL/L2/121/1-2; C/CL/L2/161/1-2; C/CL/L2/633/1-6; RD/E/SB9/301; SB10/127
Minutes, 1922-1979. SCH5/1/1-2; C/EM44, 75, 235; 82/ED/36
Other records, 1695-1932. C/CL/E4/114; D/EX1979/3-6; SCH5/6/5-10


Crowthorne CE Primary
Admission Register, 1962-1978. 89/SCH/41/5-6
Plans, 1901-1971. C/AR/P4/38/1-5; 89/SCH/41/9-10; RD/E/SB8/51; C/CL/L2/981; 1077; C/CL/L2/846
Log Book, 1875-1984. D/P102B/28/1-5; 89/SCH/41/1-4
Minutes, 1874-1926. 89/SCH/41/18
Photograph, 1939-1970s. 89/SCH/41/11-17
Punishment Book, 1904-1963. 89/SCH/41/7
Other records, 1915-1985. 89/SCH/41/8, 19, 20

Crowthorne Special Subjects Centre/Cookery Centre
Plans, 1914. C/CL/L2/87
Other records, 1907-1910. C/CL/G1/25/40

Edgbarrow Secondary
Plans, 1957-1958; 1960-1962. C/CL/L2/638/1-25; C/CL/L2/681/1-7; C/CL/L2/826; 869
Minutes, 1903-1982. C/CL/E4/26; C/EM94; 84/ED/2; 88/ED/34

Hatch Ride County Primary
Minutes, 1973-1978. C/EM176, 209

Oaklands County Infant
Plans, 1965-1966. C/CL/L2/1017
Minutes, 1963-1985. C/EM177; 88/ED/19

Oaklands County Junior
Minutes, 1963-1985. C/EM177; 88/ED/20
Plans, 1992. D/EX2698/1/2
Other records, 1990-2007. D/EX2698/1/1

Plans, 1947-1948. RD/E/SB10/287

Wellington College
Plans, 1930-1948. RD/E/SB
Other records, 1879-1884. D/EX208/B8/1; 20/5

Wildmoor Heath (previously Broadmoor County Primary, Broadmoor Council)
Admission Register, 1873-1976. SCH29/11/1-3
Plans, 1965-1966. C/CL/L2/1029
Log Book, 1904-1981. C/EL100; SCH29/8/1
Minutes, 1950-1998. C/EM137/1-2; SCH29/1/1, 3, 10
Photograph, 1932-1982. SCH29/15/1-17
Punishment Book, 1900-1964. SCH29/12/1
Other records, 1903-2000, C/CL/E4/25; SCH29/1/4-9; 2-3; 5-6; 10;16-18.


Church Hill House Hospital
Admission Register, 1955-1994. 95/SCH/9/1-2
Minutes, 1971-1982. 88/ED/2

Easthampstead Park College
Plans, 1947-1961. C/AR/P2/3/1-5; C/CL/L2/400A, 401B; C/CL/L2/823
Minutes, 1950-1998. C/EM101/1-4

Easthampstead Park Initially known as Great Hollands Senior
Plans, 1971-1973. C/CL/E4/13/2
Photograph, 1998. D/EX2075/1
Other records, 1964-1973. C/CL/E4/13/1

Park Adult Education Centre
Minutes, 1978-1981, 1982-1985. 88/ED/99; 89/ED/61
Other records, 1982-1985. 89/ED/61

St Michael’s CE Primary (previously Easthampstead CE, Easthampstead National)
Admission Register, 1874-1959. D/P49/28/6-11
Plans, 1871-1962. C/AR/P4/49/1-10; D/EX268/18; D/P49/28/21/1-3; D/P49/28/101/1-17
Minutes, 1878-1977. D/P49/28/15, 93-94
Other records, 1861-1985. C/CL/E4/12; D/EZ90/1; D/P49/28/12-41, 95-103


College Town County Junior (previously Lower Sandhurst Council)
Admission Register, 1907-1975. C/ER9/1-5; 90/SCH/3/1
Plans, 1910-1958; 1964-1965. C/CL/L2/9, 41; C/CL/L2/651/1-12; C/CL/L2/990
Minutes, 1907-1974. C/EM16/1, 2, 151
Photograph, c.1910. C/EC1/56 See also Sandhurst County Secondary.
Other records, 1906-1927. C/CL/G1/25/7; D/EX1352/1

Eagle House Preparatory
Plans, 1937-1947. RD/E/SB4/200; SB7/19; SB10/70

New Scotland Hill County Primary Previously Sandhurst Methodist
Admission Register, 1871-1925. C/ER1/1, 2
Plans, 1913; 1961. C/AR/P4/99; C/CL/E4/70/2
Log Book, 1871-1943. C/EL42/1-3
Minutes, 1966-1982. C/EM109, 152; 88/ED/4
Other records, 1896-1987. C/CL/E4/70/1; C/EZ2; 89/ED/26

St Michael’s CE Primary
Admission Register, 1871-1960. D/P102/28/5-8
Log Book, 1863-1919. D/P102/28/9, 10
Minutes, 1895-1975. D/P102/28/3, 4; 86/ED/118
Other records, 1879-1938. D/P102/25/1; D/P102/28/11, 12

Sandhurst County Secondary (previously Lower Sandhurst Council)
Plans, 1944-1946. RD/E/SB8/52; 9/199
Log Book, 1907-1930. C/EL66/1, 2
Minutes, 1933-1980. C/EM108, 88/ED/24
Other records, 1957. C/EZ13
Photograph, 1907-2007. D/EX2109/1/1-5

Uplands Primary
Admission Register, 1962-1972. 89/SCH/21/1
Plans, 1961-1963. C/CL/L2/832; 884
Log Book, 1962-1996. 97/SCH/1
Minutes, 1962-1983. 86/ED/112
Other records, 1974-1987. 82/ED/35, 89/ED/21


Bullbrook National Schools
Other records, 1895-1902. D/EX208/B6/8-9

Warfield CE Primary (previously Warfield National)
Admission Register, 1883-1918. C/ER36/1
Plans, 1936-1963. C/AR/P4/132/1-3; RD/E/SB5/152; C/CL/L2/913
Log Book, 1863-1936. C/EL26/1-4
Minutes, 1903-1945. D/P144/25/41-42
Other records, 1866-1965. C/CL/E4/15; C/ER36/2; C/EZ23; D/P144/25/34, 40, 43; D/EN/Q3

Plans, 1934-1950. RD/E/SB5/23


Ascot Heath County Infant (previously Ascot Heath CE)
Log Book, 1896-1993. C/EL108-1-3; 90/SCH/13/1; 96/SCH/5/1
Minutes, 1967-1982. 88/ED/3

Ascot Heath CE Junior (previously Ascot Heath CE Boys and Ascot Heath CE Girls)
Plans, 1853-1868. C/AR/P4/148; D/EX268/3
Log Book, 1890-1966. C/EL/109-111
Minutes, 1852-1979. C/EM71,133; D/P185/28/30
Photograph, c.1910. C/EC/1/62
Other records, 1866-1985. C/CL/E4/113; D/P185/28/21-35

Burleigh Junior
Plans, 1963-1965. C/CL/L2/959;1003; C/AR/P4/149/1-7

Plans, 1930-1948. RD/E/SB6/118

Plans, 1931-1948. RD/E/SB6/129, 214, 336; SB9/290; SB10/194

Lady Edridge evacuees
Admission Register, 1939-1942. C/ER26; RD/E/SB6/440

Admission Register, 1883-1962. D/EX1832/2
Plans, 1973-1983. D/EX1832/9/19
Photograph, 1899-1995. D/EX1832/5/2-7, 14; 9/4, 10-13, 15, 18, 30, 32-33, 35; 10-11
Punishment Book, 1992-1997. D/EX1832/9/25
Other records, 1921-1997. D/EX1832/1, 3-9

St Mary’s CE Primary, Winkfield Row (Incorporated Winkfield Industrial 1895)
Admission Register, 1955-2000. SCH18/11/1-2
Plans, 1903-1945. C/AR/P4/151/1-3; D/P151/28/29; RD/E/SB8/53
Log Book, 1893-1895. D/P151/25/30
Minutes, 1847-2008. D/P151/25/25; D/P151/28/3; SCH18/1/1-13
Photograph, [c.1992]-1995. SCH18/15/1-3
Other records, 1834-2004. C/CL/E4/115/1-2; D/P151/25/22-24, 26-29; D/P151/28/1-2, 4-28, 30-40; SCH18/3/1-2; 6/1; 7/1; 18/1, 2

Winkfield Charity School
Other records, [18C]. D/EN/Q5

Further information

Church of England schools

The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU; Tel: 020 7898 1400;   Email:;

Nonconformist schools

Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA; Email:;

Diocesan records 

To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records

Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools:

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU; Tel: 020 8876 3444;

Current local authority schools in Bracknell and district are administered by:

Bracknell Forest Borough Council, Time Square, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1JD; Tel: 01344 352000;

Please contact them if you cannot find the school you need in this guide.