West Berkshire Schools Guide

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Using this Guide

This is a guide to sources at the BRO for schools in the West Berkshire area. It is arranged in alphabetical order of civil parish, and then by the different kinds of record available. The references after each entry should be quoted if you would like to see that item. For more information, please look up the reference in the appropriate catalogue. Please note that BRO does not hold individual pupil records or exam results. If you would like to visit the office to carry out your research, please make an appointment. Please see our Planning Your Visit leaflet for more information.

Note on Closure Access to documents containing personal information is usually restricted to a minimum of 50 years after the last entry in a document. If you wish to see a restricted item please ask a member of staff. 


Aldermaston CE (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1893-1974. 88/SCH/3/4
Plans, 1954. C/AR/P4/4
Log Book, 1894-1949. 88/SCH/3/1-3
Other records, 1780-1974. D/P3/25/1, 3, 9; 28/25; C/CL/E4/1/1-2
Photograph, 1911. D/EX1964/1/3

Burnham Copse County Infant
Other records, 1954-1959. C/CL/E4/2


Aldworth CE (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1917-1960. C/ER6
Log Book, 1875-1961. C/EL54/1-3
Minutes, 1903-1961. D/P4/25/7
Other records, 1832-1912, 1961. D/P4/25/1-2, 8; C/CL/E4/135/1/1
Photograph, c.1910-1960. C/EC1/3; D/EX1964/1/4-6; D/P4/25/7


Ashampstead CE (formerly National)
Plans, c.1939-1940. C/AR/P4/8
Log Book, 1903-1970. D/EX1493/1; C/EL114
Minutes, 1903-1971, 1980. D/P8/28/2
Other records, 1873-1979. D/P8/28/3; C/CL/E4/135/1/4
Photograph, c.1910-1911. C/EC1/4; D/EX1964/1/8-11


Basildon CE Primary (formerly Upper Basildon CE Primary, Basildon Primary)
Admission Register, 1956-1972. SCH39/11/1
Plans, 1956-1972. SCH39/6/4, 7-10; C/CL/L2/625
Log Book, 1877-1971. SCH39/8/1-3
Minutes, 1932-1935, 2005-2010. 88/ED/162-164; SCH39/1/1-5
Other records, 1903-1974. SCH39/2/1; 4/1-4; 5/1; 6/1-6; 10/1-4; 16/1-6; 18/1-2; C/CL/E4/4
Photograph, 19-20C. SCH39/15/1-23; C/EC1/6; D/EX1964/1/13-14
Punishment Book, 1927-1973. SCH39/12/1

Lower Basildon CE (formerly National)
Log Book, 1877-1936. C/EL7/1-3
Other records, 1899-1956. 90/SCH/16/10, 15-16; C/ER28
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/7

Beech Hill

Beech Hill CE
Other records, 1903-1968. C/CL/E4/5


Beedon CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1877-1926. C/ER2
Plans, 1963-1964. C/AR/P4/12; C/CL/E4/6/2; C/CL/L2/951
Log Book, 1876-1983. C/EL55/1-2; 88/SCH/2/1; 91/SCH/2/1
Minutes, 1917-1981. C/EM35; 88/ED/125
Other records, 1847-1970. D/P15/25/1; C/EZ5/1-2; 27-28; C/CL/E4/6/1-2
Photograph, 1970-1987. 88/SCH/13/1-5
Punishment Book, 1907-1957. 88/SCH/2/2


Beenham County Primary (formerly Council, Board, CE, National, Beenham Valence National)
Plans, 1840, n.d.. D/P16/25/1; D/EX268/5/1
Log Book, 1948-1978. 85/SCH/7/1-2
Minutes, 1892-1956, 1974-1982. D/P16/25/2; C/EM1/1-2; C/EDN/20; 88/ED/9
Other records, 1840-1964. D/P16/25/1; C/CL/E4/7/1-2


Boxford CE (formerly Parochial, National)
Admission Register, 1872-1964. C/ER65/1-3
Plans, 1871-1952. D/EX268/6/1; C/AR/P4/16
Log Book, 1872-1968. C/EL115/1-3


Bradfield CE (formerly Bradfield CE (Southend), Bradfield National)
Admission Register, 1945-2000. SCH24/11/1-2
Plans, 20C. SCH24/6/1-2
Log Book, 1866-1986. C/EL9/1; D/P22/28/1-6; SCH24/8/1-3
Minutes, 1903-1949, 1981-1983. D/P22/28/13; 89/ED/31
Other records, 1935-1989. D/P22/28/8, 14-15; D/EX1552/1-2; SCH24/2/1; 3/1-2; 13/1-3; 16/1-3; 17/1; 18/1-3
Photograph, c.1900s-1987. D/EX1964/1/20; SCH24/15/1-4
Punishment Book, 1922-1970. SCH24/12/1

Bradfield College
Other records, 1849-1881, 1972-2003. D/ESV(M)/F107-125, Q6; D/EX2332/4
Photograph, n.d. [1890s]. D/P22/28/16; 28/18/3

Dr Watney’s School
Log Book, 1886-1932. C/EL10/1-2

Wayland Hospital Special
Admission Register, 1971-1973. C/ER68


Brightwalton CE Primary (formerly National)
Plans, 1950-1962. C/AR/P4/23
Other records, 1861-1882. D/EW/Q2/2; D/P24/28/2; D/EX2123/3/1-5
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/11; D/EX1964/1/21-26; D/EX2123/3/6-8


Brimpton CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1860-1952. C/ER49/1-3
Plans, 1860-1888. D/P26/28/2, 25
Log Book, 1880-1961. C/EL86/1-3
Other records, 1844-1974. D/P26/25/15; 28/3, 7, 22; C/CL/E4/18


Bucklebury CE Primary (formerly National)
Plans, 1966-1967. C/CL/E4/19/2; C/CL/L2/1075
Other records, 1903-1967. C/CL/E4/19/1
Photograph, 20C. D/EX1964/1/31


Garland Junior (formerly Burghfield County Junior, Bland’s Junior and Infant, Mrs Bland’s)
Plans, 1905-1957; 1964-1965. C/AR/P4/26; C/CL/L2/617, 997
Log Book, 1873-1978. C/EL29; 86/SCH/1/1; 88/SCH/7/1; 83/ED/30; 88/ED/35
Manager Minutes, 1923-1988. D/QX2/2/1; C/EM91; 86/ED/44
Other records, 1871-1991. D/QX2/2/1; 3, 4, 15; 85/SCH/2/1-2; D/EBY/Q10; D/P29/25/1; D/EX2082; C/CL/E1/7/4
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/15; D/EX1964/1/32
Punishment Book, 1915-1956. 88/SCH/24/1

Mrs Bland’s County Infant
Plans, 1960-1961. C/CL/L2/828
Minutes, 1966-1978, 1982-1988. 91/SCH/3/1; 83/ED/31; 86/ED/44; 88/ED/41
Other records, 1966-1991. D/EX2082

Pingewood CE (formerly National)
Log Book, 1871-1907. C/EL28
Minutes, 1923-1959. D/QX2/2/1; C/EM91; 86/ED/44
Other records, 1871-1948. D/QX2/1/1; 5-11, 15; D/EBY/Q10
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/13

St Mary’s CE Primary (formerly Burghfield National, Burghfield CE)
Plans, 1956-1958. C/AR/P4/25; C/CL/L2/682
Minutes, 1897-1982. D/P29/25/4-5; D/QX2/2/1; 86/ED/44; 83/ED/32; 88/ED/48
Other records, c.1850-1948. D/P29/25/3; 28/2; D/QX2/1/1; 5-11, 15; D/P29/25/6-10
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/14; D/EX1964/1/33; D/P29/28/6

The Willink (formerly Willink Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1954-1955. C/CL/L2/544, 544A
Minutes, 1956-1965, 1974-1985. C/EM92, 265; 82/ED/7; 88/ED/139
Other records, 1968-1970. C/CL/E4/135/3/4-5


St Andrew’s CE Primary (formerly Chaddleworth Endowed CE, National, Saunders Charity School)
Plans, 1912-1948. C/AR/P4/27; D/P32/25/82
Other records, 1761-1964. D/P32/25/22-23, 26-81, 83-99, 107; C/CL/E4/20; P/CC2/4/1
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/35


Chieveley County Primary (formerly Council, Board, North Heath Board, Elementary)
Admission Register, 1944-1962. 88/SCH/11/5
Plans, 1897-1968. C/AR/P4/30; C/CL/L2/156, 589
Log Book, 1871-1980. 88/SCH/11/1-4
Minutes, 1928-1987. C/EM50, 221; 93/SCH/2/1-2
Other records, 1810-1986. D/P34/25/3-4, 11; 88/SCH/11/7-8; 91/SCH/6/1-3
Photograph, n.d. [c.1900]. 88/SCH/11/9
Punishment Book, 1927-1961. 88/SCH/11/6

Chieveley Evening
Log Book, 1903-1907. 88/SCH/11/11

Curridge County Primary (formerly Council, Chapel, Miss Wasey’s Voluntary)
Admission Register, 1930-1973. 88/SCH/9/3
Plans, 1914-1931. C/AR/P4/31; D/P34/28/17
Log Book, 1879-1988. C/EL52, 126/1; 88/SCH/9/1-2; 92/SCH/3/1
Minutes, 1928-1980. C/EM51, 222, 228
Other records, 1886. D/P34/28/16
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/16; D/EX1964/1/37; 88/SCH/9/4

Winterbourne Infants (formerly Winterbourne British, Chieveley Infant)
Log Book, 1871-1905. 88/SCH/11/10
Other records, 1873-1948. D/P34C/25/2; 28/2

Cold Ash

Cold Ash Children’s Hospital Special (formerly Cold Ash Sanatorium)
Admission Register , 1934-1963. C/ER62/1-2
Log Book, 1917-1964. C/EL106/1-2
Minutes, 1949-1963. C/EM93


Combe School (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1894-1937. C/ER22
Log Book, 1905-1938. C/EL15/1-2
Other records, 1894-1902. C/EZ48
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/19; D/EX1964/1/39


Compton C E Primary (formerly National)
Plans, 1950-1967. C/AR/P4/35; C/CL/L2/546
Other records, 1854-1970. D/P41/28/1-12; C/CL/E4/135/3/10-11
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/40

The Downs (formerly The Downs Secondary Modern, Compton Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1955-1966. C/AR/P3/6, C/CL/L2/700; E4/24/2
Minutes, 1959-1980. C/EDN/15; 86/ED/115
Other records, 1955-1972. C/CL/E4/24/1, 3; E4/135/6/8


Enborne CE Primary (formerly National)
Plans, n.d. [early 20C]. C/AR/P4/51
Log Book, 1900-1937. C/EL94


Englefield C E Primary (formerly National)
Log Book, 1865-1976. 88/SCH/6/1-3
Other records, 1874-1888. D/P52/6/2; 25/5/13, 20
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/43


Farnborough CE (formerly Farnborough Parochial)
Admission Register, 1951-1965. C/ER43
Plans, 1920. C/AR/P4/53
Log Book, 1905-1965. C/EL82/1-2
Minutes, 1924-1962. D/P54/28/3-4
Other records, 19C-1965. D/EX2324/1; D/P54/28/5-6; C/ER44/1-4


Fawley CE (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1862-1975. 89/SCH/35/1; C/ER67
Plans, 1863-1864. D/EX268/20
Log Book, 1951-1975. C/EL116
Other records, 1861, 1923-1967. D/EW/Q3/1; C/CL/E4/36
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1/61


Frilsham CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1869-1961. C/ER10
Log Book, 1875-1961. 88/SCH/10/1-2
Minutes, 1903-1961. D/P57/28/1
Other records, 1955-1961. D/P57/28/2; C/CL/E4/135/4/6
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/44

East Garston

East Garston CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1919-1967. C/ER56
Plans, 1871-1959. D/EX268/19; C/AR/P4/57; C/CL/L2/706
Log Book, 1945-1968. C/EL93
Minutes, 1903-1967. D/P59/28/8
Other records, 1840-1967. D/P59/28/1-5, 7, 9-11; CPC59/16/3-4; 17/5; C/CL/E4/135/4/7


Greenham CE (formerly Greenham National, Greenham School)
Plans, 1846-1954. D/EX268/21; C/AR/P4/60
Minutes, 1903-1958. D/P130B/28/1-2; C/EM53
Other records, 1891-1966. CPC130B/28/3-9; C/CL/E4/135/4/8

Greenham Court Community (formerly County Primary)
Log Book, 1972-1973. 88/SCH/1/1
Minutes, 1972-1986. C/EM266; 88/ED/53
Other records, 1975-1979. 82/ED/24

Hampstead Norreys

Hampstead Norreys CE Primary (formerly National)
Log Book, 1864-1922, 1938-1986. C/EL40/1-2; D/P62/28/24-25; 88/SCH/43/1
Other records, 1845-1961. D/P62/28/6-13, 27-29
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910-1950s]. C/EC1/30; D/EX1964/1/48-49; 88/SCH/43/2-3
Punishment Book, 1914-1980. D/P62/28/26

Hamstead Marshall

Hamstead Marshall CE (formerly Hamstead Marshall School)
Other records, 1897-1931. D/P61/28/1; C/ER24


Hermitage CE (formerly Parochial, National)
Plans, 1841. D/EX268/27
Other records, 1840-1956. D/P62B/28/1-2
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]. C/EC1/31

Hermitage County Primary (formerly Hermitage Council)
Admission Register, 1936-1949. 88/SCH/12/2
Plans, 1911-1967. C/CL/L2/64, 129; C/AR/P4/64; C/CL/L2/705
Log Book, 1913-1945. 88/SCH/12/1
Minutes, 1913-1980. C/EM9, 54, 267; 82/ED/16
Other records, 1840-1979. 88/SCH/12/4; 82/ED/26; C/CL/E4/38; C/CL/G1/25/32
Photograph, 1913, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/53-55
Punishment Book, 1913-1962. 88/SCH/12/3


Church Croft Nursery (formerly Hungerford Nursery)
Minutes, 1948-1985. C/EM55, 142; 88/ED/62
Minutes, 1910-1974. C/EM10/1-3; 56; C/EDN/29
Other records, 1909-1973. C/CL/E4/40; C/CL/ G1/23/6; C/CL/G1/25/25; D/EX1964/3
Photograph, 1910, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/56-59
Plans, 1910-1938. C/AR/P3/23; C/CL/L2/48
Minutes, 1837-1910. D/P71/28/25/14/2-3

Hungerford County Primary (formerly Council)
Plans, 1909-1954. C/CL/L2/31; C/AR/P4/66-67; C/CL/L2/385

Hungerford Technical (formerly Hungerford National, Hungerford CE, Hungerford Cookery and Manual Centre)
Admission Register, 1816-1856. D/P71/25/14/1

Hungerford Wesleyan Day
Minutes, 1897-1925. D/MS3/1F/1; 8/1
Other records, 1923-1926. D/MS3/1F/2-4

John o’ Gaunt Community Technology College (formerly John o’ Gaunt Comprehensive, John o’ Gaunt County, John o’Gaunt County Secondary)
Plans, 1960-1962. C/AR/P3/24; C/CL/E4/39/3; C/CL/L2/799A-B
Minutes, 1962-1980, 1983-1985. C/EM223/1-2; 88/ED/109
Other records, 1954-1974. C/CL/E4/39/1-2; E4/135/6/8

Newtown CE (formerly Hungerford Newtown School)
Admission Register, 1896-1965. C/ER38
Plans, n.d. [early 20C]. C/AR/P4/68
Log Book, 1896-1965. C/EL76/1-3
Other records, 1927-1965. C/CL/E4/41
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/32; D/EX1964/1/60

East Ilsley

The Ilsleys County Primary (formerly East Ilsley CE, East Ilsley National, East Ilsley Board, East Ilsley Council, East Ilsley County Primary)
Plans, 1913. C/CL/L2/13
Log Book, 1872-1985. C/EL39/1-2; 88/SCH/8/1
Minutes, 1948-1955, 1957-1978. C/EM52; C/EDN/22
Other records, 1903-1973. C/CL/E4/44; C/CL/G1/25/10

West Ilsley

West Ilsley CE Primary (formerlyWest Ilsley National)
Plans, 1870. D/EX268/31
Log Book, 1900-1965. C/EL83/1-2
Other records, 1904-1965. C/CL/E4/45
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/62


Inkpen CP (formerly Board, Council)
Plans, 1901-1960. C/AR/P4/71
Minutes, 1913-1985. C/EM29, 57; C/EDN/23/1-2; 85/ED/20; 89/ED/1
Other records, 1903-1974. C/CL/E4/46/1-3


Christ Church CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1936-1962. C/ER8
Log Book, 1908-1962. C/EL62/1-2
Other records, 1920-1964. D/P78/28/6-7; C/CL/E4/135/4/13

St Mary’s CE Primary (formerly National)
Plans, n.d. [early 20C]-1944; 1965-1967. C/AR/P4/74; C/CL/L2/1067
Other records, 1903-1973. C/CL/E1/5/12; E4/49


Eastbury CE (formerly National)
Plans, 1859. D/EX268/17
Log Book, 1879-1959. D/P79B/28/1-2; C/EL68
Other records, 1958. C/CLE4/135/4/15
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/27

Eastbury Evening
Other records, 1880-1881. D/MS6/8/2

Eastbury Wesleyan Day
Other records, 1878-1879. D/MS6/8/1

Eastbury CE (formerly National)
Plans, 1859. D/EX268/17
Log Book, 1879-1959. D/P79B/28/1-2; C/EL68
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/38

Lambourn County Infant (formerly County Primary, Council Elementary)
Plans, 1910. C/CL/L2/49
Minutes, 1909-1961. C/EM11, 58-59
Other records, 1928, 1961. C/CL/E4/135/4/14, 16
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/36; D/EX1964/1/64-65

Lambourn Wesleyan
Other records, 1908-1909. D/MS8/1F/3-4

Lambourn Woodlands CE Primary (formerly Woodlands School)
Admission Register, 1926-1962. C/ER11
Log Book, 1864-1926, 1959-1962. D/P79C/28/3-4; C/EL59, 68
Minutes, 1903-1962. D/P79C/28/10
Other records, 1902-1968. D/P79C/28/8-9, 11-14; C/CL/E4/135/4/17
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/27


Leckhampstead CE
Other records, 1913-1959. C/CL/E4/51

Leckhampstead County Primary (formerly Council, Board)
Admission Register, 1875-1923. C/ER12
Log Book, 1875-1959. C/EL51/1-3
Minutes, 1929-1959. C/EM60-61


Midgham CE Primary (formerly Midgham National, Midgham School)
Admission Register, 1924-1965. C/ER50
Log Book, 1873-1965. C/EL88/1-3
Minutes, 1904-1965. D/P130C/28/7
Other records, 1945-1966. D/P130C/28/8-9; C/CL/E4/135/4/18


British Girls’ School
Other records, 1878-1881. N/D105/1

Eastfields County Infants (formerly Speenhamland Eastfields County Primary, Bentworth Road Council)
Admission Register, 1946-1985. 85/SCH/4/6-8
Log Book, 1948-1954, 1967-1985. 85/SCH/4/1-5
Minutes, 1949, 1955-1980. C/EM66; 86/ED/117
Other records, 1973-1985. 86/ED/35-36

Falkland County Primary
Minutes, 1969-1978. C/EDN/21

Fir Tree Primary and Nursery (formerly County Primary)
Minutes, 1972-1980. 88/ED/12

Housewifery Centre (formerly Lancasterian Girls’, Newbury British Girls’)
Admission Register, 1862-1897. 99/SCH/1/3
Log Book, 1836-1909. 99/SCH/1/1-2; N/ES2/1
Other records, 1840-1949. C/CL/E4/61/1-2; N/EC11
Photograph, n.d. [c.1901]. D/EX1445/15

John Rankin Junior and Infant (formerly Valley Road County Primary, John Rankin County Primary)
Admission Register, 1955-1985. 90/SCH/10/2-5
Plans, 1953-1957. C/AR/P4/91; C/CL/E4/63/2; L2/592
Log Book, 1955-1985. 90/SCH/10/1
Minutes, 1954-1985. C/EM63, 229-230; C/EDN/24; 88/ED/156
Other records, 1952-1972. C/CL/E4/63/1, 3; N/ES9/1
Punishment Book, 1955-1956. 90/SCH/10/6

Lancasterian Boys’ (formerly Newbury British Boys’, Newbury Congregational)
Plans, 1860. D/EX268/39/1
Other records, 1810-1903. N/D66/1; N/ES1/1-2; D/N32/6/5/5; R/ES12/92

Newbury Academy
Other records, 1851. D/EWN/F10

Newbury College (formerly South Berkshire College of Further Education, Newbury Technical Institute)
Plans, I948-1964. C/AR/P2/10-12; C/CL/E3/2/42, 45; L2/545, 567, 624, 657, 907, 947
Minutes, 1910-1935, 1965-1981. N/EZ1/1; 83/ED/21-22; 85/ED/39
Other records, 1904-1974. C/CL/E3/2/38-41, 43-44, 46-47; N/EZ1/2

Newbury County Girls’ Grammar (formerly Secondary School For Girls, County Girls’ School)
Admission Register, 1904-1961. SCH12/11/1-5
Plans, 1908-1962. C/AR/P3/37; C/CL/E4/60/2; L2/28, 291, 649, 679, 714, 842
Minutes, 1904-1975. C/EM14/1-9; C/EDN/17/1-2
Other records, 1908-1974. SCH12; D/EX1594/1; D/EX2060/1-2; D/EX2308/2-3; D/EX2644; C/CL/E1/5/1; E4/60/1, 3; C/CL/ G1/25/19; C/TR/E4; E8/4, 9; E10/4-5, 7; E212/1; N/D161/3/1
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/69

Newbury Infants’ Council, Station Road
Plans, 1931-1932. C/AR/P4/88; C/CL/L2/372, 374
Log Book, 1909-1931. N/ES6/1

Newbury Wesleyan (formerly The Wesleyan Day Schools, Newbury)
Plans, 1854. D/EX268/37
Log Book, 1863-1899. N/ES3/1
Other records, 1871-1908. N/EC11; N/ES3/3-9

Newbury Wesleyan Infants
Log Book, 1875-1909. N/ES3/2

Park House Boys County Secondary, Andover Road (formerly Newbury Secondary Modern, Senior Council)
Plans, 1947-1953. C/AR/P3/34; C/CL/L2/375, 379, 466, 476
Minutes, 1949-1983. C/EM65; C/EDN/18; C/EM231, 254; 86/ED/32
Other records, 1943-1983. C/CL/E4/62/1-2; E4/64/1-2; E4/135/6/8; 86/ED/9

St Bartholomew’s Grammar (formerly Henry Wormestall’s Charity)
Admission Register, 1849-1945. SCH11/11/1-10
Plans, 1881-1968. N/QB19/2; 20/13-14; C/AR/P3/38; C/CL/L2/580; SCH11/6/217-18
Minutes, 1883-1975. SCH11/1/1-5; 9/1
Other records, 1578-2013. N/D158; 161; N/QB; D/P89/25/5-6; SCH11/2/1-3; 3/1-2; 4/1-23;5/1-19; 6/1-16, 19; 7/1-5; 11/11-14; 13/1-4; 14/1; 16/1-9; 17/1-10; 18/1-21; C/CL/E1/5/1; E4/65/1-2
Photograph, 1865-1970s. SCH11/15/1-47; 18/2; N/D161/1/59

St Bartholomew’s Comprehensive
Admission Register, 1975-1991. SCH13/11/1-4
Plans, 1972-c.1996. SCH13/6/1-6
Minutes, 1975-1982. SCH13/1/1; 9/1
Other records, 1975. SCH13/6/7; 14/1; 16/1-2; 17/1; 18/1; D/EX2060/3; N/D161/2
Photograph, 1975. SCH13/15/1

St John’s CE Infants (formerly St John’s National)
Log Book, 1867-1948. C/EL95/1-3
Punishment Book, 1905-1948. C/EZ38

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Infants’
Plans, 1935-1964. C/AR/P4/90
Log Book, 1915-1936. N/ES7/1
Other records, 1920. N/D106/15

St Nicolas’ CE Infants’ (formerly West Street CE Infants, West Street Infants National, Newbury Infants’ National)
Plans, 1872. D/EX268/38
Log Book, 1866-1919. N/ES4/1-2

St Nicolas’ CE Primary (formerly St Nicolas CE Junior, National, Newbury National, Kendrick’s, Cowslads and Kimber’s Charity, Newbury Corporation or Bluecoat)
Admission Register, 1838-1865, 1881-1970. D/EX238/Q1; 90/SCH/5/7-20
Plans, 1859-1963. D/EX268/40; D/P89/25/10-11; C/AR/P4/89
Log Book, 1863-1954. 90/SCH/5/1-6
Minutes, 1859-1903, 1931-1967. D/P89/25/3-4, 11A, 12-14
Other records, 1707-1967. N/QK5/1-2, 5; D/P89/25/2, 4A, 5-8; D/EX2229/1/1; 90/SCH/5/22-26; 90/SCH/18/1-3; N/ES8/1
Photograph, 1961-1964. D/P89/25/11A
Punishment Book, 1900-1925. 90/SCH/5/21

Shaw House Girls’ Secondary (formerly Newbury Girls’ Secondary Modern, Senior Council, Girls’ Council)
Plans, 1947-1964. C/AR/P3/40; C/CL/E4/64/5; L2/349, 643, 796, 848, 919, 945
Admission Register, 1909-1950. 99/SCH/2/4-7
Log Book, 1909-1970. 99/SCH/2/1-3
Minutes, 1949-1983. C/EM65; C/EDN/19; C/EM232; 86/ED/65
Other records, 1947-1995. 99/SCH/2/9-14; 86/ED/60, 62; C/CL/E4/64/1, 4, 6-8; E4/135/6/8
Punishment Book, 1922-1947. 99/SCH/2/8

The Turnpike (formerly The Turnpike Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1961-1973. C/AR/P 3/35-36; 99/SCH/3/2; C/CL/L2/863
Minutes, 1964-1981. C/EM225; 84/ED/116
Other records, 1972-1995. C/CL/E4/135/6/8; 99/SCH/3/1, 3-4

The Winchcombe (formerly Winchcombe County Primary Infant and Junior)
Admission Register, 1994-2002. SCH2/11/1; SCH10/11/1-2
Plans, 1949-1952. C/AR/P4/92; C/CL/L2/415B
Log Book, 1951-1983. SCH2/8/1
Minutes, 1940-2004. C/EM68, 242; 243/1; C/EDN/1, 27; SCH2/1/1-4
Other records, 1958-2005. C/EM243/2; 244; SCH2; N/D38/1
Photograph, 1950-1996. SCH2/15/1-7
Punishment Book, 1955-1976. SCH2/12/1

Victoria Park Nursery (formerly Newbury Nursery)
Plans, n.d.. C/AR/P5/4
Minutes, 1947-1985. C/EDN/11/2; 28; 86/ED/43; 88/ED/160

Wesleyan Day School
Other records, n.d. [20C]. D/MS51/8/39


Padworth CE Primary (formerly National)
Admission Register, 1875-1985. C/ER18; 85/SCH/6/2-3
Plans, 1958. C/CL/E4/66/3
Log Book, 1875-1985. C/EL60/1-2; 85/SCH/6/1
Minutes, 1875-1902, 1931-1985. C/EM47, 106; D/P90/28/25, 27
Other records, 1875-1985. C/EZ19/1-8; D/P90/25/4, 14; 28/26, 28-41, 43-45; C/CL/E4/66/1-2
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/70


Breedon’s (formerly Pangbourne Free)
Plans, 1874-1914. D/P91/25/3; C/AR/P4/95
Minutes, 1696-1896. D/P91/25/1
Other records, 1793-1955. D/P91/5/5A-B; 8/1-2, 4; 25/2-5

Nautical College (formerly Clayesmore)
Other records, 1911-1945. D/EIF/T85; D/ETR/T3, 5; D/EWK/B4/7/9

Pangbourne Nursery
Minutes, 1948-1978. C/EM191A; C/EM148
Other records, 1943-1974. C/CL/E3/4/6

Pangbourne Primary (formerly Council, Elementary, County Infant and Junior, County Primary, Board)
Admission Register, 1895-1957. C/ER39/1-5
Plans, 1905-1957. C/AR/P4/94; C/CL/L2/635
Log Book, 1895-1951. C/EL78/1-2
Minutes, 1904-1984. C/EM15, 70/1-2, 148, 192; 86/ED/114; 89/ED/54
Other records, 1908-1967. C/CL/E4/135/7/1; C/CL/ G1/25/21; C/ER39/6-7; C/EZ24/1-2; D/SG5/3/1


Peasemore CE (formerly National)
Log Book, 1875-1957. C/EL49/1-3
Minutes, 1948-1956. C/EM36
Other records, 1902-1957. D/P92/25/1; C/EZ6/1-2; 26; C/CL/E4/67; D/P130B/28/11
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. C/EC1/43; D/EX1964/1/71


Long Lane Primary (formerly Purley County Primary)
Plans, 1964-1967. C/AR/P4/96; C/CL/L2/991,1083
Minutes, 1966-1979. 82/ED/15
Other records, 1969-1979. C/CL/E4/135/7/2; 82/ED/25

Purley CE Infants (formerly CE)
Admission Register, 1903-1956. C/ER47
Log Book, 1875-1976. C/EL85/1-2; 88/SCH/4/1-2
Minutes, 1903-1974. 88/SCH/4/4; D/P93/28/5-6
Other records, 1874-1973. D/P93/28/7-8, 11-14
Punishment Book, 1913-1925. 88/SCH/4/3


St Gabriel’s (formerly at Mill Hill, Devon, and Newbury)
Plans, c.1937-1945. C/CL/ G1/129/5
Minutes, 1959-1973. D/EX2398/5/1/1-2
Other records, 1944-1974. D/EX2398/5/2/1-2, 4-10
Photograph, 1948. D/EX2398/5/2/3


Locketts Bridge (formerly Donnington Lodge Special, School for the Deaf, Residential Nursery for the Deaf)
Plans, 1949-1962. C/AR/P4/100; C/CL/L2/415A, 467, 571, 852
Minutes, 1949-1963, 1975-1980. C/EM122/1-2; 88/ED/33

Prince Rupert ESN (formerly Newbury ESN, Donnington)
Plans, 1961-1964. C/AR/P3/39; C/CL/L2/943
Minutes, 1975-1980. 88/ED/33

Shaw-cum Donnington CE (formerly Parochial)
Minutes, 1878-1884, 1955-1983. D/P106/28/9, 23; 88/ED/14
Other records, 1874-1974. D/P106/28/8-22; C/CLE4/71

The Castle Special
Minutes, 1980-1982. 88/ED/98

West Shefford

West Shefford CE Primary (formerly Shefford CE, Great Shefford Parochial, Shefford National)
Plans, 1872, 1960-1961. D/EX268/41; C/CL/L2/797
Minutes, 1955-1975. C/EM226
Other records, 1905-1969. C/CL/E4/72
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/60


Robert Sandilands County Primary
Plans, 1965-1966. C/CL/L2/1015
Minutes, 1968-1982. 82/ED/126

Stockcross CE (formerly Stockcross Speen Parochial Primary, Speen Parochial, Stockcross Parochial, National)
Plans, c.1830-1949. D/EX268/42; C/AR/P4/106
Log Book, 1863-1922. C/EL96/1-2; 97/1-2
Minutes, 1899. D/P116/25/13
Other records, 1891-1904. D/P116/25/13-14

Woodspeen House
Other records, 1870s. N/D31


Albion House
Other records, c.1852. D/EWN/F8

St Mary’s CE (formerly Speenhamland Junior CE, CE Junior Mixed, Mixed National)
Plans, 1894. D/EZ83/1
Log Book, 1877-1932. C/EL119/1-3
Minutes, 1847-1946. D/P116B/25/3, 5, 14-16
Other records, 1835-1956. D/P116B/25/1-4, 6-7, 17-18; C/EZ56; D/P89/25/5-6; N/D96/1

St Mary’s CE Infants’ (formerly Speenhamland CE Infants, Infants National)
Log Book, 1876-1932. N/ES5/1-3

Speenhamland County Primary
Plans, 1931-1967. C/AR/P4/93
Log Book, 1933-1985. 90/SCH/11/1
Minutes, 1949-1990. C/EM66; C/EDN/25; 94/SCH/2/1

Stanford Dingley

Stanford Dingley CE (formerly National)
Log Book, 1887-1934. D/P117/28/2; C/EL21
Other records, 1903-1937. C/CL/E4/76; C/ER34/1-2

Stratfield Mortimer

Mortimer Cookery Centre
Log Book, 1923-1947. SCH25/8/1

Mortimer West End
Minutes, 1870-1936. D/P120/28/1-3; D/P120C/28/1
Other records, 1810-1929. D/P120/25/3-7, 11, 20, 23; 28/20; D/P120C/28/2

St John’s Infant (formerly Mortimer St John’s CE)
Admission Register, 1934-1962. D/P120/25/44
Plans, 1889-1969. D/P120/25/1, 18, 24; 28/40; 88/ED/96; C/CL/L2/1028
Log Book, 1889-1973. D/P120/25/42-43
Minutes, 1870-1977. D/P120/25/17; 28/1-3; 88/ED/63-65
Other records, 1869-1939, 1968. D/P120/25/3-7, 45; 28/20; C/CL/E4/135/7/12

St Mary’s CE Junior (formerly Parochial, Stratfield Mortimer Parochial)
Plans, 1961. C/CL/L2/804
Log Book, 1924-1959. 97/SCH/2/1-2
Minutes, 1870-1977. D/P120/28/1-3; 88/ED/63-65
Other records, 1968. C/CL/E4/135/7/12


Streatley CE Primary (formerly Parochial)
Admission Register, 1928-1966. D/EX2127/6/1
Log Book, 1873-1931, 1953-2003. D/EX2127/5/1-6
Minutes, 1980-2003. D/EX2127/1/1-7
Other records , 1903-2003. C/CL/E1/7/10; D/P122/28/5; D/EX2127
Photograph, 2000. D/EX2127/9/10
Punishment Book, 1900-1958. D/EX2127/7/1


St Nicholas’ CE Junior (formerly Sulham CE, National)
Plans, 1906. C/AR/P4/108
Log Book, 1892-1913, 1945-1970. C/EL46; 88/SCH/6/4
Minutes, 1905-1970. D/P123/28/2
Other records, 1969-n.d. [c.1970]. C/CL/E4/135/7/13; D/P123/28/2A
Photograph, n.d. [20C]. D/EX1964/1/77
Punishment Book, 1925-1939. 88/SCH/6/5

Sulhamstead See Ufton Nervet

Sulhamstead Bannister

Sulhamstead CE (formerly Sulhamstead School)
Minutes, 1904-1959. D/P124/25/6
Other records, 1876-1983. D/P124/24/5, 7-8; CPC124/5/1


Blue Coat (formerly Lady Frances Winchcombe’s Charity)
Minutes, 1794-1860. D/P130/25/6
Other records, 1914-1925, 1950-1968. D/P130/25/87, 93; C/CL/E4/86

Crookham CE (formerly St Barnabas’)
Log Book, 1875-1957. C/EL36/1-3
Other records, 1903-1965. C/CL/E4/84; D/P130/28/6-7
Punishment Book, 1900-1957. C/EZ7

Crookham Court (formerly Crookham House)
Other records, 1961-1989. D/EX1512/1/1-3; 2/1; 3/1-3
Photograph, n.d. [1970s]. D/EX1512/4/1

Dunston Park County Infant (formerly Thatcham County Infant)
Plans, 1966-1967. C/CL/L2/1070
Log Book, 1965-1973. C/EL117
Minutes, 1964-2005. 88/ED/10-11; SCH34/1/1-5
Other records, 1868-1911, 1983-2005. D/P130/25/67, 83; SCH34/2/1-3; 3/1-2; 5/1; 18/1-3

Francis Baily County Primary (formerly Thatcham County Primary, Council)
Admission Register, 1913-1974. 90/SCH/15/4-9
Plans, 1911-1969. C/AR/P4/116; C/CL/L2/62, 976
Log Book, 1913-1984. 90/SCH/15/1-3
Minutes, 1913-1985. C/EM19, 67; 82/ED/17-18; 88/ED/154

Francis Baily County Primary (formerly Thatcham County Primary, Council) cont.
Other records, 1912, 1959-1985. C/CL/ G1/25/31; C/CL/E4/135/8/5; 82/ED/27; 88/ED/155
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]-1913. C/EC1/55; D/EX1964/1/81
Punishment Book, 1930-1976. 90/SCH/15/10

Parsons Down Infant
Minutes, 1979-1986. 86/ED/102

Parsons Down Junior (formerly County Primary)
Admission Register, 1972-1978. SCH27/11/1
Plans, 1970. C/CL/E4/85
Log Book, 1972-1978. SCH27/8/1
Minutes, 1972-1986, 1997-2004. 86/ED/101; SCH27/1/1-4
Other records, n.d.[1970s]1997. SCH27/2/1; 7/1

Pied Piper Pre-school
Minutes, 2007-2008. D/MS73/3D/1
Other records, 1996-2008. D/MS73/3D/1

St Mary’s CE Junior (formerly Thatcham CE, National)
Admission Register, 1977-1996. SCH4/11/1
Plans, 1957-1961. SCH4/6/2-3; C/CL/L2/647
Log Book, 1864-1997. C/EL53/1-6; SCH4/8/1-4
Minutes, 1883-2005. SCH4/1/1-10
Other records, 1868-2001. D/P130/25/83; SCH4; D/P130B/28/11
Photograph, n.d. [c.1910]-2002. C/EC1/55; SCH4/15/1

St Mary’s CE Junior (formerly Thatcham CE, National) cont., .
Punishment Book, 1913-1985. SCH4/12/1-2

Thatcham Nursery
Other records, 1941-1947. C/CL/E3/4/7

Thatcham Park CE Primary
Plans, 1962. C/CL/L2/874
Minutes, 2005-2007. SCH35/1/1-2
Other records, 2005-2006. SCH35/3/1

Thatcham Undenominational (formerly British)
Admission Register, 1939-1945. C/ER31/1 evacuees
Minutes, 1900-1919, 1952-1960. D/N37/13/1/1-2
Other records, 1875-1961. D/N37/1/1/1; 1/2/25; 6/3/3; 13/1/1, 3-4; C/ER31/2; 32

The Kennet School (formerly Kennet Comprehensive, Kennet County Secondary, County Secondary Modern, Thatcham Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1947-1962. C/AR/P3/45; C/CL/L2/530, 530A-B, 703, 867
Minutes, 1957-1980. C/EDN/16; C/EM224, 255
Other records, 1959-1987. C/CL/E4/86; C/CL/E4/135/8/4; D/EX2182/1-13; D/EX2332/ D/EX2332/3

Whitelands Park County Primary
Minutes, 1972-1985. C/EM246; 89/ED/16


Kennet Valley County Primary
Minutes, 1977-1981. 88/ED/13

Theale CE (formerly Primary, National)
Plans, 1956-1969. C/AR/P4/117; C/CL/E4/87/2; L2/668, 1087
Other records, 1903-1972. C/CL/E4/8/1; E4/87/1

Theale Green Community (formerly Theale Green School, Theale Grammar, Theale Comprehensive)
Plans, 1960-1967. C/CL/L2/800, 1002, 1091
Minutes, 1974-1981. C/EM256; 88/ED/25
Other records, 1956-1971. C/CL/E88/1-3; E4/135/8/9-10


Birch Copse County Primary
Admission Register, 1962-1970. 88/SCH/5/2
Plans, 1960-1965. C/CL/L2/835, 970
Log Book, 1962-1977. 88/SCH/5/1
Minutes, 1964-1980. C/EM233
Other records, 1962-1974. 88/SCH/5/3; C/CL/E4/135/8/13

Minutes, 1974-1978. C/EM204

Calcot CE (formerly Calcot Row Infants, Calcot Infant, National)
Log Book, 1874-1907. C/EL11
Photograph, n.d. [c.1900-1907]. D/EX1964/1/34

Calcot County Infants’ and Junior (formerly Junior Council, County Primary)
Plans, 1935-1956. C/AR/P4/118; C/CL/L2/227, 569, 581, 730, 731
Other records, 1936. C/CL/L2/227A
Minutes, 1937-1985. C/EM112; 88/D/127-128

Denefield (formerly Long Lane County Secondary
Minutes, 1976-1984. C/EM274; 82/ED/1; 88/ED/57
Other records, 1977-1984. 82/ED/8; 86/ED/55

Downsway Primary
Other records, 1972. C/CL/E4/135/8/17

Little Heath (formerly Littleheath Secondary Modern)
Plans, 1964. C/CL/L2/944
Minutes, 1974-1983. C/EM205; 89/ED/13
Other records, 1956-1960. C/CL/E88/1-3

Newbery Lodge
Minutes, 1971-1981. 86/ED/30

St Michael’s County Primary Dee Road
Admission Register, 1956-1968. 89/SCH/11/2
Log Book, 1956-1987. 89/SCH/11/1
Minutes, 1972-1983. 89/SCH/11/3
Other records, 1958-1959. D/P132/8A/13

St Paul’s RC Primary
Other records, 1968. C/CL/E4/135/8/15

Springfield Primary
Minutes, 1969-1984. 86/ED/58
Other records, 1971-1985. C/CL/E4/135/8/16; 85/ED/7; 86/ED/49-50

Tilehurst County Primary (formerly Council)
Minutes, 1910-1911. C/EM20

Tilehurst National
Other records, 1811-1909. D/P132//25/6-7

Westwood Farm County Junior (formerly Westwood Farm Primary)
Plans, 1962-1967. C/AR/P4/119; C/CLL2/847, 916, 1058
Minutes, 1964-1979. C/EM193; 82/ED/19; 88/ED/91
Other records, 1975-1979. 82/ED/22

Westwood Farm Infants
Minutes, 1976-1984. 82/ED/20; 88/ED/75, 81
Other records, 1975-1980. 82/ED/23

Westwood Secondary
Minutes, 1957-1985. 86/ED/85
Other records, 1978-1985. 86/ED/17, 80

Ufton Nervet

Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet Primary (formerly Parochial, Ufton Nervet Parochial)
Plans, 1949-1960. C/AR/P4/123
Other records, 1861-2009. D/P135/25/9-26, 28-31; D/P124/28/8-9; C/CLE4/91; CPC124/5/1
Photograph, 1928. D/P135/25/27


Welford and Wickham CE Primary (formerly National, Welford National)
Plans, 1856-1966. D/EX268/53; C/AR/P4/135
Minutes, 1973-1979. C/EDN/26
Other records, 1906-1971. C/CL/E4/100; 78/SCH/11
Photograph, n.d. c.1910. C/EC1/58

West Woodhay

West Woodhay CE
Other records, 1903-1961. C/CL/E4/126/1-2


Douai Abbey
Photograph, n.d. [20C].  Postcards/Woolhampton 1-5

Elstree School
Other records, 1960. D/P156/3/10

Woolhampton CE Primary (formerly National)
Plans, 1945-1963. C/AR/P4/161; C/CL/E4/134
Log Book, 1887-1918. C/EL33
Other records, 1896-2008. D/P26/25/15; C/CL/E1/7/3; 4/134; P/HA7/2/2/1


Yattendon CE Primary (formerly Yattendon Parochial, Yattendon School)
Admission Register, 1868-2008. SCH37/11/1-4
Plans, 1961; n.d. [c.1990s]. SCH37/6/3; C/AR/P4/163
Log Book, 1877-2001. SCH37/8/1-8
Other records, 1879-1996. SCH37/2/1-4; 3/1; 4/1-3; 5/1; 6/1; 13/1; 14/1-2; 16/1-5; 18/1-2
Photograph, n.d. [20C]; 1995-1998. D/EX1964/1/94; SCH37/6/2-3
Punishment Book, 1908-1962. SCH37/12/1

Further information

Church of England schools The Church of England Record Centre, Lambeth Palace Library, London SE1 7JU Tel: 020 7898 1400 Email: archives@churchofengland.org www.lambethpalacelibrary.org 

Nonconformist schools Annual reports of the British and Foreign School Society (Access to records is by appointment only):

The British and Foreign School Society Archive, c/o Brunel University Archives, The Old School House, 1 Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 OAA Email: bfss.archive@brunel.ac.uk www.bfss.org.uk 

Diocesan records To 1836: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (visitation returns)

From 1836: Oxfordshire History Centre (Oxford Diocesan Education Board records).

Central government records Including files on public elementary, endowed, and other schools: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU Tel: 020 8876 3444 www.nationalarchives.org.uk 

Current local authority schools in West Berkshire and district are administered by: West Berkshire Council, Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD. Tel: 01635 42400 www.westberks.gov.uk 

Please contact them if you cannot find the school you need in this guide.